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Livs Reading corner

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Livs favourite thing to do is read. She will bring you all of her books throughout the day and also sit and babble away while pointing to each word like I do when I read to her.

She was very lucky to get her own rocking arm chair for Christmas off my parents so we decided to make her a little reading corner.

I had been lucky enough to win a Tidy Books bunk bed buddy a few months ago so we brought that downstairs and popped all of her lovely books in.

She will quite often get herself a book or 3 and sit in her chair "reading"

My heart could burst when I see her developing and growing up so quickly, my big girl!


  1. Oh honey this is ridiculously cute! Go Liv! She looks so comfy - might just have to make one of these for Dexter x

  2. She still sits here all of the time! The bunk bed buddy was so handy because it is slim but still fits loads in, have a look on Tidy Books page there are a few different ones :)