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Halloween 2016 with Poundland.

Thursday 27 October 2016

Every year at this time, we hit the local Poundland for the Halloween party essentials. Of course now you can use the website too and have it delivered to your door like I did.
I started with the essentials like plates, bowls, napkins and tablecloth - I LOVE the print this year. I also picked up some matching cupcake cases and decorations and a fab collapsible cardboard cupcake stand too!
Next some treats, Liv chose some toffee Ghostbuster popcorn and I selected 2 bags of Swizzels sweets and lollies for the trick or treaters.

 With those party essentials sorted I could move on to the fun bits - DECORATIONS!

There were so many great ideas I really was struggling to stay within budget.

Below Left - "Danger Zombies" sign and Zombie zone, Beware and Crime scene tape, perfect for doors, porches or furniture.
Right - this spooky ceramic skull tea light holder is very effective (candle not included)

This large pose-able spider (below) is Livs favourite. The legs are wired so you can easily hang it from things to scare people! It's even hairy to touch - yuck!
This light up black glitter owl is my favourite! It comes with batteries so all you need to do is switch it on and you are off to go.

Halloween just wouldn't be the same without some terrible face painting efforts from your Mother, so dutifully I bought some to try and some  cleansing face wipes  (2 for £1) to easily remove it with afterwards.

Now I know this whisk and piping bag aren't exactly Halloween, but I do need them to make my Halloween cupcakes so that's okay isn't it?!

For all you need this Halloween visit your nearest Poundland or shop online at www.poundland.co.uk

Halloween haul 2016!

As I'm sure you will all know, a week today is Halloween! We never really participated in any parties or anything until we had Liv, now of course she thinks its fantastic that she gets to dress up and visit the family calling out "trick or treat" at the door with her Cousins.

Every year my Sister in Law and I pool together all the decorations we have collected over the last few years and decorate their house for the Family party!

Here are some of the goodies I have collected this year. Let me know what you do for Halloween.
*  *  *
These lovely pieces all came from the fabulous Aldi. My favourite is this Halloween tinsel wreath, how lovely! It could also be used as a table centrepiece with some of the LED candles below if you are having a party.

As I'm sure you can tell the candles are Led and battery powered, far safer with lots of decorations around and little ones in flowing highly flammable costumes.

Owl cup - £2.99
Pumpkin bag - £2.49
Halloween wreath - £2.99
3 orange LED candles - £2.49
Mask book - £1.99
Monsters activity book - 79p
Glitter witch mask - £1.79
6 battery operated tea lights - £2.49

Livs favourite is the drinking cup which she is already using. I'm sure there will be hours of fun colouring in her monster book and making some masks with her Cousins at the Weekend, thank you and Happy Halloween Aldi!
*  *  *

This year Livs costume is from none other than Wilkinsons. She is very excited to be a zombie cheerleader and has been practicing her zombie face for the last week, effective don't you think?
Altogether we received:
3ft light up ghost - £15
Pumpkin drinks jar - £1
Zombie cheerleader outfit - £8
Treat bucket - 50p
Loot bag - £1
Red face paint - £1
Trick or treat bowl - £1.50
"No one leaves" door decoration - £2.50
Skeleton bride - £3
I can't wait to see them all in action this weekend! Thank you in particular for the Halloween costume Wilkinsons!
*  *  *

Poundstretcher kindly sent us a package containing some lovely Halloween pieces including a loot bag, loot bucket, battery operated light up skull and some adorable battery operated pumpkin lights. Not to mention lots and lots of Swizzles lollipops to hand out - yummy!

In the package we received:
Trick or treat bag - 79p
Swizzles lollies - £1
Light up skull - £1
Pumpkin lights - £2.49
Sweet bucket - 79p
Bargain prices at Www.poundstretcher.co.uk
*  *  *

Halloween wouldn't be complete without some yummy Cadburys chocolate right?! We were kindly sent some spooky spiders, ghoulish eggs and not forgetting the Family bags of Heroes miniature bars/bags of buttons.


Liv has her sights firmly set on the pink spider, she has already sampled one of the eggs and declared them yummy yummy yummy! 
Check out all the different ranges available at www.cadbury.co.uk
*  *  *
Next year I have my eye on adding this amazing Serie noire rug from Modern rugs to the collection. How fabulous is it!? I love it that much, I would definitely leave it down all year round.

(Image copyright Modern rugs

Obviously the first thing that caught my attention was the quirky, modern design, however I was pleased to read that it is made from high quality 100% polypropylene with binding on 2 sides, meaning it will be hard wearing and easy to wipe clean - key with a 5 year old on the rampage! 

The rug measures in at a sizeable 4 foot 5 inches by 6 foot 2 inches and is priced at £219, with free delivery within 7 days, now to get the Husband on board!

*  *  *
Happy Halloween from Life with Liv!