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Catch up!

Wednesday 30 May 2012

What glorious weather we have been having! Liv has been in the garden in her paddling pool for the first time, going in her swing and even the jumperoo, she really loved it, splashing us all and doing her lovely "singing" ( we call it singing but it is really a high pitched screaming that makes your ears hurt after about 3 minutes lol)

Liv is really keeping me on my toes now, she is trying to crawl but mostly just ends up slamming her face into the foam pads she has to play on, which by the way we are thinking about carpeting the whole house with!! I also turned around the other day to get the phone and turned back to see the dog had helpfully dropped one of his toys in her lap which, of course she just had to have a taste of, yuk!

I have an amazing product to recommend today, they are Bibble bibs I purchased at the baby show last Saturday, they are AMAZING! The back of the bib never gets wet, we are having days where we only use ONE of these bibs instead of 10+ cotton or plastic backed bibs, here is a link to their facebook page if you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/#!/ItsABibble

And a picture of Liv wearing one :)

Sunday 13 May 2012

First job today is to wish a very happy Happy Mothers Day to all of my friends in the US, hope you are having a lovely day :)

Liv is poorly at the minute, we were at the out of hours GP's this morning as her temperature was 40 degrees, a virus apparantly, she just wants to be cuddled by Mummy, very sad but im not minding the cuddles at all :)

Lesson of the day:
Dont turn your back on your poorly baby when she has no nappy on . . . . . . . . . .

Dont worry guys there is no picture today lol

Wednesday 9 May 2012

So, big day yesterday, Olivia was 7 months, she cut her second tooth and said Daddy!!

We have been having DADADADA for weeks but she really said it, she also said NICK the other night randomly, we don't know anyone called Nick so not getting hopes to high yet ;)

I really don't know where the last 7 months have gone! Time is flying by and I'm pretty sure it is going to slow down any time soon!

Here is a pictures of me on my due date, I was induced 11 days over in the end but couldn't face taking any more pictures lol

The first thing I can honestly recommend is a crib, we had a swinging crib for the living room and a moses basket in our bedroom, for the first 8 weeks of her life Liv had TERRIBLE colic, anyone who has been through it will probably wince at the thought, horrible for the poor babies.

She LOVED to be swung in the crib, it really calmed her when nothing else would, great purchase.

(Note one of the 3 fans in our living room, pregnancy in Summer, not good for the temperature, plus our nosey King Charles Spaniel checking it out, if only he knew how his life was about to change lol)

Post number 1!

Friday 4 May 2012

Hi everyone :)

So for my first post I thought I would introduce myself a little, as it says above my name is Andrea, I am 26 my husband is 35 and we have a 6 month old baby girl together called Olivia Faith.

It took us quite a while to get pregnant as I have PCOS, we had a lot of tests, tried every trick in the book and unfortunately did suffer a loss before having Liv but she was most definately worth the wait and the testing and prodding!!

So if any of you have any questions about PCOS or would like to know any tips please feel free to ask I will be more than willing to pass on my knowledge :)

Olivia is faster in her walker than Mummy is on her feet, lesson learnt when Liv managed to get hold of my drink and pour it all over the floor.

Here she is in her walker "helping" Daddy read his newspaper (Note the pieces on the floor that he clearly didn't need to read!!)