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Time for a big Girl bed.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

My giant baby, who at two years wears 3/4 and 5/6 clothes and is a shoe size 8.5, has out grown her 3/4 bed.
It is oficially time to choose her a big Girl bed *sob* 

This one feels like a huge leap from toddler to grown up to me! Daddy doesn't seem so fazed and keeps insisting (with a slight shrug of his shoulders) "It really is only a bed"

But it really isn't! It is a big sign of our Girl growing up and quite a big decision. I don't want to have to be forking out for a new bed every 12 months but I also haven't got a ridiculous amount to spend.

I first visited BedzRus on a recommendation from a fellow Blogger and was very impressed with both the choice and the prices.

BedzRus are a Children's bed specialist founded in 2003, this is their promise:

"At BedzRus we offer permanently cheap prices on our range of beds and mattresses! We back this up by checking our prices against competitors on a daily basis to ensure you are getting the best value available online. We’re proud to offer a free next day delivery service on most beds; alternatively, you can pick a time and date to suit you (including Saturdays!) and we will ensure that your cheap mattresses and bed frames turns up on time, hassle-free."

What more could you ask for?

I really like this Scallywag Wooldale White Bunk Bed for £379.99 but I think we would really struggle to stop Liv climbing up to the top bunk, she is such a Daredevil. So we have this one earmarked for a later date.

I think we have decided on this pretty Stompa classic kids white single bed for £199.99, great price and it doesn't look too "young Girl" so we wouldn't need to replace it when her tastes change.

Now to get her to choose some bedding, this may take a while!

Posted in collaboration with BedzRus.

Last minute parcels.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

So this weekend I turned 29, I still can't believe it and my Mum said she is feeling too old!

I was very lucky and had some lovely treats, including ornaments, clothes, cocktails, chocolates, vouchers, and a CD.

A Friend of mine called me in a panic on the Thursday because she was trying to post me a gift, however because of the length of the parcel the post office wouldn't accept it! I told her not to worry and to try a courier as the price would probably be around the same.

She ended up using TNT next day and it was here within a few hours, how lovely is she?!

Now I'm planning for the big 3-0 in the hope it will stop me getting depressed about it, with Friends and Family like this how could I?!

What did you Guys do to mark the end of your 20's?

Posted in association with TNT.

Last minute Fathers Day gifts.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Don't forget it's Fathers Day tomorrow guys! Haven't bought your gifts yet?

Don't worry, head on down to your local Asda for plenty of choice.

We have been sent these Wahl hair graders, Mr Strong key ring and a bound hip flask with "Worlds best Dad" on the front. These will go down a treat with Daddy and Grandad too.

They have a huge range of items available, from onsies to Whiskey and every key ring/tshirt in between, with something to suit every budget, you can't go wrong!

We are off to our local Asda this afternoon to pick up some steak and veggies to make Daddy's favourite dinner tomorrow 

Disclaimer: we were sent the above items for Father's Day, however all opinion is my own.

Pets, pets pets.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Most of you will know we have a King Charles Spaniel, we also have a 10 year old Cockateil and are considering another pet, one more for Liv.

We don't have any room outside for a Rabbit or Guinea Pig. We had a hamster a few years ago, as lovely as she was her nocturnal habits would have sent the Dog loopy on a nightly basis, I don't think we could handle any less sleep!

The only other thing I can think of is getting a few fish. I find them lovely to watch and really relaxing but I have heard on the grapevine that it is quite hard to keep the tanks clean (and sometimes the fish alive)

I have found a lovely small pet shop locally that sells a whole range of fish and tanks and a company online for filters called all pond solutions.

Now I need to look into things in a lot more detail and decide on a type of fish so we know what set up to buy.

I'm thinking it would make a lovely gift for her approaching 3rd Birthday (I swear I had a baby, like 5 minutes ago) then I just need to find a way to make the Husband think he came up with the idea . . . .

Posted in collaboration with All Pond Solutions.

Holidaying with Children.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Regular readers will know that the subject of caravans is raised quite regularly over here!

Not only is Daddy a salesman, Nanny and Grandad are owners, Livs spends many weekends in them, but we also like to holiday in them.

Both my Husband and I were brought up going in touring or static caravan holidays as Children and both have really fond memories of our Summer holiday trips so it only seems natural that we carry on the tradition.

Livs is a huge beach and swimming lover, she would happily spend all day every day playing with nothing but sand bless her.

Only stopping for the occasional drink of water and the odd ice cream of course - thanks Nana!

Her first holiday was in caravan, I was dreading the travel and nervous about spending two weeks in a smallish space without Liv destroying it! I wish I had read Avoiding a Caravan Catastrophe: Surviving Your Baby’s First Holiday beforehand!

After heading over to Florida for our holiday last year, we are going back to a caravan holiday this year. I heist hope we are lucky enough to have some beach weather.

My only concern is keeping her amused during an epic car journey. She absolutely loved flying last year but obviously can't move about in the car like she did on the plane. We are planning lots of pit stops to allow her to stretch her legs, plenty of non sugary snacks, her DVD player will pass a few hours and hopefully (if she can be persuaded) a nap would pass another couple.

Please pass on your tips if you have any!

Posted in association with Park Resorts.

Summer clothes shopping for Liv.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Am I the only Mother with an almost 3 year old wearing 5/6 year clothes and in size 8.5 shoes?

I swear she is going to be a giant at this rate.

Between growing out of her clothes every couple of months and out of her shoes few weeks, she is costing us an absolute fortune!

Not that we mind of course, we love having a big strong Girl!

At the minute we are shopping for some Summery/Autumn clothes with a few cardigans for the more chilly times that dont require a coat.

Our Beautiful Girl.

I really like this Girls Heavy Jersey Breton Stripe Dress I found online from Petit Bateau. It's a lovely shaped dress that should be a little warmer than the thin cotton Summer dresses, also navy really suits her.

Teamed with this lovely round neck plain cotton cardigan  - I actually love it in all colours - but probably white for this outfit - bit of a nautical look.

Here comes another new wardrobe!

Posted in association with Petit Bateau.

Getting Liv swimming.

Monday, 2 June 2014

As some of you will know, last Summer we were very lucky to spend 3 weeks in Florida where Liv, aged 22 months, turned out to be a real water babe.

Unfortunately since then our local leisure centre has sadly been closed down, so we have no where local to take her swimming. She has been forced to splash about in a paddling pool instead, complete with magic wand of course!

We are off to Devon on holiday in the next few weeks so I want to be prepared to get her swimming as much as possible.

Livs Daddy and I both agree that swimming a, as well as being great fun is a potentially life saving skill that we are keen for Liv to learn as soon as possible.

I am currently browsing High octane action sports for some Goggles and and floats to help her feel confident in the water while learning to kick and manoeuvre herself.

I am really excited to get her in the water again, fingers crossed she still loves it!