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Win a 20 by 28 inch canvas

Monday 27 August 2012

Win a 20 by 28 inch canvas of your favourite photo.

Here is ours, we LOVE it :)

Would you like to get your very own photo on canvas?

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Livs First Shoes.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Yesterday was a big day for Liv, after starting to take her walker for a run up and down last week, we decided to take her into Clarks for her first shoes!

After being measured as a 4G, the lovely Lady gave us the option of some "cruisers" with a very light soft sole, or some official "walkers" with a soft or hard thick sole.

We decided rather than her learning the feel of the cruisers and then having to get walkers we would go with the softer sole walking shoes, here they are:

Clarks also give you the option to have your Childs photograph taken wearing their first shoes and print it onto a card for you to keep, inside there are spaces to add your Childs name, shoes size and the date, so lovely!

They also do a loyalty scheme, when you buy your Childs next pair of shoes, take in your receipt for the first pair and you will get 5% off, for the third pair you will need to take in the last 2 receipts etc etc, when you go to buy pair number 5, if you have all other 4 receipts with you, you will get 50% off that pair!

The envelope you are given with your first receipt in:

There was also a lovely height chart in a nice folder, all extras we knew nothing about!

I would highly recommend Clarks for your Childs first shoes, they were friendly and professional, we didn't feel rushed or pressured and were extremely happy with the whole experience.

P.S, on arriving home, Liv wriggled to be put down so I stood her up, she then decided to walk about 8 - 9 steps to her walker! My Husband said "Ahh, all she needed was the right shoes" of course, every woman requires a wardrobe full of the "right" shoes :)

Teething Bling Competition

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Who would like to win a GORGEOUS pendant from Teething Bling?

BUT WAIT!!! It's not just ANY pendant, Its a brand new triangle shape Mother of Pearl pendant yay!!

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Hello Canvas review and competition!!

Monday 20 August 2012

I'm sure many of you will have heard of Hello Canvas, when they asked me to review a canvas for them I was so excited!

There was only one option for the image, I am sure you will all be familliar with it ;)

The canvas arrived by courier, securly packaged just 2 days after I sent the digital image.
Here is our new wall :) Hubby couldn't wait to put it up and we all know what it's like trying to get the other half to do some DIY :)

We have stopped watching the TV and find ourselves looking at the canvas instead hehe,what a lovely affordable way to cheer up a room and bring back happy memories every single time you look at it?

As you can see the quality is amazing, it picks up on all of the litte details like the flecks in her eyes and the flyaway hair, she looks like she has lip gloss on (which I can assure you she does not!) The pictures I am posting have only been taken on my Iphone so the quality and clarity is even better in real life.

Here is a close up, please remember I am only taking these pictures on an Iphone!

I was AMAZED to discover this 20 by 28 inch canvas costs just £39.00!! Fantastic value for money.

Having paid 3 times this price for a smaller canvas of the same quality I was utterly shocked and can assure Hello Canvas that all of my images will be heading to them in future.

Why not have a look at their website and get your own photo on canvas?
Ok, so who would like to win their own favourite image on a 20 by 28 inch canvas?

Well, luckily for all of my lovely followers, here is your chance!

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Teething Bling Review

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Liv is in the process of cutting her 3rd tooth, so when I was asked to review a Teething Bling pendant from Smart Mum I jumped at the chance!

Anyone who has ever been around a teething baby will be familiar with the Mothers warning "watch your necklace because she/he will chew on it!" well, Liv will bite ANYTHING when a tooth is coming through, she has bitten my fingers and nose many times and put a dent into a locket I was wearing, lesson learned, I stopped wearing a necklace.

We had a very bad experience recently where Liv hurt her mouth with a certain Teething "biscuit" on a ribbon so when the pendant arrived I had a bite to test it out.

It is quite hard to describe, the pendant itself almost looks like marble so I was surprised at the texture, it is hard enough for the baby to get a really good bite on but not hard enough to hurt them or their precious new teeth.

This is how the pendant arrived:

Liv immediately took the pendant off me the second it came out of the packaging and began happily chewing away!

We were sent a Vanilla pendant which smells divine :)

It is not recommended to leave your child with the pendant or allow the child to wear the pendant as it could pose a strangulation risk, I have however attached it to Livs Smart Trike, Pushchair and even the shopping trolley to allow her to still be able to bite down on something when she needs to.

The pendant is lovely to wear and even my Hubby didn't mind having a go!

There is a safety clasp on the satin feel cord which will break open if your child pulls too hard.

The pendant is 2 x 2 inches in circumference and and the cord is approx 30 inches including the clasp.

All of the teething products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free.
Teething bling also make a bangle out of the same material, they look fab too!

This is a picture of the vanilla bean bangle from Teething blings website:

I would definitely recommend this item to family and friends, it is great for keeping little ones amused when you are out and about, Liv will sit in my knee playing and chewing this for ages! It is lovely to wear and very pretty too, my Niece tried to take it to wear just as a piece of jewellery :)

Any piece from this genius company would make a brilliant and different gift for a baby shower or even a Christening.

Pendants are £12.95 and Bangles are £8.95, gift set and gift cards are also available.

COMPETITION for 2 x Baby Show Manchester tickets

Monday 13 August 2012

Who would like to win a pair of tickets for the Manchester Baby Show?

I am so excited, not long now :)

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Cow Print, Smart Trike Review

Livs Nanny bought her this trike around 6 weeks ago when she was only 8 months old, the instructions advise that you do not use this item until 10 months old but Liv is so big and solid and could reach the foot rest so easily that we felt she was safe to use it.

The moment the parts started to come out of the box Liv got so excited and kept trying to take pieces away with her!

The trike is 3 in 1, it functions as more of a stroller at stage one, stage 2 you can remove the harness and bumper bar to allow the child more access and freedom, and stage 3 everything can be removed leaving the child with a standard trike. Great value!

Here you can see Liv enjoying a chew on the toy mobile phone which comes attached to the bumper bar:

The parent steering handle is adjustable to 3 different levels, the lowest is approximately 30 inches from the floor, point 1 is 36 inches, point 2 is 38.5 inches and the highest point 40 inches (all heights are approximate)simply press the white button in, pull the handle upwards and release the button over one of the 3 holes:

The lowest point:

The highest point:

When we first used this I thought, that little bag is handy to pop a couple if things in, I was pleasantly surprised to find you can actually fit quite a bit into it.

Here is the bag:

Now I could tell you that the bag measures X by Y but that never means anything to me so I would rather show you what I can easily fit into it - SURPRISE!:

The harness is easily adjustable under the shoulder pads:

There is also a one step brake on the rear left wheel, down to brake up to release, nice and easy :)

The trike itself weighs approx 7kg and the maximum user weight is 25kg.

This trike has been a huge hit in our house, Liv gets so excited when she goes out in it, waving her arms, kicking her legs and laughing the whole time.

Daddy actually said WOW! That is the best thing we have ever got for her (very hard to impress is Livs Daddy!)The sun visor is brilliant and gives really good coverage too.
The only "issue" I have found is the basket will tip up the minute you put anything, and I mean anything in it but it doesnt affect the use of the item at all.

I would definately reccomend this to anyone, much more fun than a stroller :)

Comfy sleep

Saturday 4 August 2012

So, Liv has been in her own room for a couple of weeks now. Being a little clingy (me not her!) We (I) bought a video monitor to go with our sensor pad monitor so that I can see what little Miss is up to. Looking at the monitor, it looked like she was sitting up playing, she was very very quiet so I thought I would go up and take a peak............
I mean honestly, HOW can that be comfortable?!?!?!?

Win a box of Thorntons chocolates!

Friday 3 August 2012

I have a lovely box of Thortons chocolates waiting to be rehomed, can you help?
N.B - Competition only open to UK residents. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Munchkin travel booster seat review

Thursday 2 August 2012

Munchkin travel booster seat review.

During the Asda baby event this year, I spotted this travel booster seat / bag and thought it was a brilliant idea.

Although the spec says the chair is for use for 12+ months, I have a very big, strong and sturdy 9 month old, fits 12-18 month clothes, eeek!

Spec (taken from Asdas website)

Size Medium
Colour Multi
Age Range 12+ Months
Assembly Required No
Brand Munchkin
Dimensions 78-80W x 74D x 4H cm
Material Polyester/Polyurethane Foam
Maximum Child Weight 22.7kg
Minimum Age
12+ Months
Safety Certificate EN71-3, GPSR
Type Booster Seat
Weight 1.275kg
The seat folds down to look just like a changing bag:

Here is a picture of the empty "pocket" inside the bag / seat to carry your own items.

To give you an idea how big this is I have put a packet of wipes, 4 size 4 nappies, a large tube of Bepanthen and a 200g bottle of talc, there is still space to add other items on top:

The seat has 3 adjustable sets of straps to attach it to your chosen chair, this is very easy to do, it is just your usual push/highchair type straps, click together and pull strap to tighten, this is the chair in place:

You have an addition boost option too as the chair has legs tucked away underneath that you can pull out to give your child that bit of added height.
These legs have rubber bottoms, as does the bottom of the seat if the legs are not in use to prevent slipping on (faux!) leather chairs like mine:

The only thing I would change about this is the harness, the crotch harness is so so small and the straps only come over the very top of the thighs to hold them securely, I think adding shoulder straps would make this a lot more secure and stop parents diving for their child when they lean because it just looks so small to hold them:

I love the idea of a seat in a bag, it is lightweight, practical and unisex which is always a bonus!
I woulddefinately recommend this to family and friends.

Liv is very rough and tumble and likes to jump while strapped in things and she has not managed to free herself (touches wood!!)