Secure your home in time for Summer!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

In short, National Home Security May Day encourages Brits to secure their homes in time for summer. The May bank holidays are the perfect time to tackle domestic DIY and renovation projects, and research has revealed that this spring bank holiday, more than two-thirds of Brits will do just that!*

But whether you’re thinking about wallpapering the living room, re-tiling the bathroom, or building a conservatory to create your ‘dream home’, it’s important to think about protecting your property too.

With this is mind, National Home Security May Day, sponsored by home security specialist Yale, will take place on spring bank holiday Monday (30th May), with a run-up throughout May. The campaign will provide numerous home security tips and advice so that we can all ensure our homes are protected in time for summer.

According to research from Halifax, domestic burglaries increase by as much as 10% in the spring and summer months, with a huge 40% increase in outdoor thefts. This is a result of more of us leaving windows and doors open while we’re out in the garden enjoying the sunshine and also leaving valuables, such as bicycles and garden furniture, unsecured outside making them easy pickings for opportunistic thieves on the prowl.

There is also a marked increase in burglaries during summer months due to larger numbers of people going on holiday and leaving their houses empty, unsecure and unguarded. Simple, low cost security options can make a huge difference, and many ‘smart’ security products are a lot easier to fit than you might think.

As part of the May Day campaign, National Home Security Month are offering one lucky person the chance to win £100 worth of Love2shop vouchers and a Yale Smart Home Alarm & View Kit. To get involved, check out the Facebook page by searching for 'National Home Security Month'.

This year, home electronics retailer Maplin is also getting involved and will be offering radio and social media competitions, as well as in-store and online promotions, so keep your eyes peeled.

For more information on National Home Security May Day, visit the National Home Security Month website.

For more information on Yale products and services visit 

*source - The Mirror

Pregnancy incontinence - don't suffer in silence.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

We all know that Women's bodies go through huge changes during pregnancy. As well as the obvious ones - swollen feet, raging hormones and stretch marks - there are other effects that other Women may feel a little squeamish talking to you about.

For example, did you that around two thirds of women suffer from some form of incontinence during pregnancy? Perhaps a small leak when coughing or sneezing or unfortunately for some, a more pronounced leak. There is no need to suffer in silence Ladies!

Personally I have a weak bladder all my life, it still plagues me now at 30 years old, with numerous trips to the bathroom every night. While I was pregnant I found myself using the bathroom even more often -like most Women. Then once the third trimester hit, I suddenly didn't feel so confident laughing freely.

With a little Lady tap dancing on my bladder all day and night, I started to feel that I was losing control and would sometimes leak a little - pretty understandable with an 8lb plus baby using your bladder as a bean bag! Once you find someone to open up to about it, it is surprising to know how many Women suffer with this during pregnancy.

While there are plenty of things you can do to help strengthen up your pelvic floor control after childbirth, it's also important to regain your confidence during your pregnancy and be able to freely laugh again!

I would recommend visiting Hartman Direct where they sell a huge range of incontinence products to help you deal with pregnancy incontinence. The website helps you work out which product would best suit your needs using the handy selector tool. It will ask a few multiple choice questions about your situation, before recommending the products they think would work best for you. 

Products on sale here range from very discreet pads to full disposable briefs and bed pads for those with a more severe issue - all with a variety of absorbency levels. 

Please don't suffer in silence Ladies.

Brought you in association with Hartmann Direct.

Interested in vaping? Check out the Mini Volt 40W starter kit by Council of Vapor.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Ten, almost eleven years ago, my first holiday with my then Boyfriend now Husband. I decided on the spur of the moment that I was going to quit smoking, so I did! Cold turkey! It was pretty tough for a while, and boy do I wish that e-cigs were about then! 

With that I mind I have a guest post for you Today. Enjoy!

* * * *

The Council of Vapor is already well known in experienced vaping circles for products like the Vengeance Sub Ohm Tank, the Royal Hunter RDA and its little brother the Royal Hunter Mini RDA.Yep, they have some seriously cool names – the Council of Vapor itself sounds like something from a sci-fi epic – but the firm’s kit itself is every bit as cool.

This is the company’s first starter kit and it looks great. Take a look at the Mini Volt 40W Kit by Council of Vapor here and you’ll find the smart Mini Volt 40W Box Mod with a carbon fibre grip and a black rubberised paint coat. 

When many people think of vaping, they naturally think of “cig-a-like” devices – e-cigarettes that are designed to look and feel at least a little like smoking a tobacco cigarette. This can sometimes be a help to people who are looking to use e-cigarettes to help them quit or cut down on the amount they smoke because they can get that nicotine hit they crave in a familiar way. These types of e-cigs mirror the action of smoking a regular cigarette, with similar hand motions and the nicotine delivered to the back of the throat – albeit in a cleaner vapour format rather than a cloud of acrid smoke.

Many vaping connoisseurs feel that box mods – vaping devices that tend to be rectangular – actually deliver a much better vaping experience than their more traditionally shaped counterpart. Council of Vapor’s Mini Volt 40W is one of the smallest box mods on the market. It fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and can also fit into a handbag or even a pocket without much fuss. It is certainly compact, measuring just 56mm x 35mm x 22mm, but it has more than enough power to pack a punch.

Up until now, if you wanted decent power in such a small size, you would probably have been stuck with a direct-connection mechanical mod that left you quite literally tied to a wall socket power supply. The Mini Volt 40W has a 1300 mAh Internal Battery and comes with three pre-set power modes: Soft, Standard and Power for when you need that extra boost.

The kit also comes with the Mini Volt Sub Ohm Tank. This is another compact piece of kit, with a diameter of just 22mm. It is just enough to hold 2ml of e-liquid, but this is another element that cannot be judged on size alone. The dual adaptive airflow system can be adjusted to provide you with just the kind of vape you like.

It comes pre-installed with a 0.8-ohm coil and there’s a spare, making it perfect for vapers who like the extra vapour produced by sub-ohm vaping. The kit also comes with a spare glass tube and a micro USB charger. In short, it has everything you need all in one place, whether you’re an experienced vaper or just starting out. You can find more options in this site.

Our Easter recommendations - including grown up eggs, gifts and crafts.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

This Easter, I have brought you some of our recommendations for treats, gifts and crafts. I hope you all have a lovely time with your Families!

*   *   *

The Almondy range is the perfect solution to a delicious yet quick and easy dessert this Easter. As well as being suitable for a whole array of diets - Containing no flour, Almondy cakes are, gluten free and have also been certified as vegetarian, halal and kosher. The the cakes stored in the freezer and defrost, on average, in under 30 minutes.

Choose from new Cadbury’s Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake with its topping of crunchy hazelnuts coated in lashings of Cadbury’s chocolate.

Almondy Toblerone, which features another classic combo of chewy honey nougat pieces wrapped in delicious milk chocolate.

Or maybe you would prefer Almondy Daim, a mouth-watering combination of crunchy caramel pieces smothered in chocolate.

We have tried this one and everyone from the 4 year old to the 65+ year old thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Highly recommended for taste and ease for Mum this Easter!

Available in the freezer aisle in most supermarkets, priced at £3.00

*   *   *

Eggs for the grown ups!

New for Easter 2016 is Guylian’s ever-popular Opus egg, now available in the form of the Opus Egg! Not only do you get a delicious Belgian chocolate Egg but also a 90g selection of Guylian’s luxurious Opus chocolates.

This is my egg this year and I can't wait to tuck in!

RRP £8.00

*   *   *

If you are looking for the perfect Easter egg gift for a Liquer lover, then look no further! 

Elizabeth Shaw’s Famous Names Whisky Collection Egg includes 8 of the finest liqueur chocolates from world famous Whisky brands including ‘Grants’, ‘Drambuie’ and ‘Teachers’. An Eggstraordinary gift for those that appreciate a little tipple or two.

This is Daddies Easter egg, he was doubly pleased that the egg was made of dark chocolate and came with liquers - his favourite. He can't wait to tuck in.

Available from Asda, Waitrose and Ocado - RRP £10.00

*   *   *

For the person with a great sense of humour, how about plating this sweet treat up on Good Friday in place of the traditional fish supper?

Made of finest award-winning chocolate from Dorset-based Chococo. 

Harry the Haddock himself is moulded from delicious 43% Venezuelan trinitario bean milk chocolate, while the white chocolate "chips" - served in a paper cone - are made even more appealing by being drizzled with dark chocolate. The meal is finished off with a side portion of “peas” (lemon and lime jellybeans), to make a complete meal served in a newspaper print takeaway tray.

Available from for £12.99

*   *   *

Something different:

For the very little ones, these Zippy bandana bibs from are just adorable! 

I love the cute bunny design and the duck one is just adorable! Perfect to get into the Easter spirit - and too dirty with chocolate of course!

We used lots of these fun bandana style bibs to when Liv was little. Not only do the accessorize your little ones' outfits but they also keep you little one drier for longer, helping protect against dribble rash.

They are made from a super absorbent fleece, which is topped with 100% soft and comfortable cotton. They also have 2 different size nickel free popper fastenings, so the bib fits your baby well as he/she grows (0-2 years) Washes well. Retains shape. Priced from £3 each

*   *   *

Keep your Kids active this Easter with LeapBand from Leap Frog.

If like in our house, your Children get far too many Easter eggs, why not consider getting them a small gift? We recently bought Liv this amazing Leapband and she absolutely loves it! 

This "smart" watch for Children is not only great fun but is also an activity tracker. It's aim is to encourage Children to actively move around more and carry out fun tasks in order to look after their virtual pet.

For example they could be asked to hop around like a frog or wiggle like a worm, the idea being the more active they are, the more rewards they get to unlock new levels and activities. 

Progress is shown in the form of an energy bar on screen so the Child can easily see it filling up and their work paying off - this in itself is great fun!

Liv loves hers and plays happily with it by herself. An excellent gift idea!

Suitable for ages 4 - 7 and available in Blue, Green, Pink or Orange.

Priced at £24.99

*   *   *

Disney’s Frozen Magnetic Board from Clementoni.

This Magnetic board has been a big hit in our house. Simply create a picture and then wipe clean - no mess, no fuss! Complete with a carry handle and three shape stampers, your little ones will have hours of creative fun with this toy. 

Recommended age 4+ Priced at £12.99

*   *   *

Severin egg boiler.

This egg boiler allows you to cook up to 6 eggs in one go. Simply set the cooking time based in the hardness of the yolk, add the correct amount of water with the provided measuring cup, pierce the bottom of the eggs with the bottom of the measuring cup and you are ready to go! 

The buzzer will sound when the time has run out and your eggs are ready - it really is that simple!

The non-stick coated hotplate makes it easy to clean after you have enjoyed your eggs too. Definitely a hit in our house!

Priced at £29.99, available from

*   *   *

Easter LEGO.

LEGO has launched a new set especially for Easter - Painting Easter Eggs.

Perfect to keep Children busy with something that stimulates their imaginations, it will also last a lot longer than chocolate!

Available for £6.99 exclusively from Tesco.

*   *   *

Yankee candles for Easter.

There is a Yankee candle for all occasions, Easter included!

As always, Yankee have a fantastic range, including a sampler set and a pretty pink jar called Bunny Cake - adorable and obviously they smell amazing too. Prices vary from £10.99 for the sampler set to £17.59 for a large Bunny Cake jar - a price to suit all budgets.
I have my fingers crossed the my Husband has picked up on my not so subtle hints that I am ever so sad my Mother Day candle has come to an end, and buys me a lovely Easter replacement - I can hope right?!

*   *   *

Easter crafts with Asda.

Asda kindly sent Liv a selection of Easter crafts, including an Easter hat with some decorations like chicks, stickers and ribbons to complete an Easter bonnet. While we haven't had a chance to make it as yet she is very much looking forward to doing it next week.

She has been able to complete the super cute chick glasses however - all by herself too so she was very proud indeed.

The cute little Lamb bag is stuffed with some yellow tissue paper and ready to go for the egg hunt on Sunday.

Thank you Asda!

Disclaimer - some of the above items were sent in consideration for this feature, however all opinion is my own.

Struggling for gift inspiration this Mothers Day?

Monday, 29 February 2016

With Mothers Day fast approaching - Sunday the 6th March - don't miss this opportunity to show your Mum how loved an appreciated she is.

If, like me, you sometimes struggle for ideas, I have put together a gift guide to inspire you. Happy shopping!

Lets start with some traditional ideas.

*   *   *

Flowers from Appleyard London.

This is personally my favourite florist, the bouquets are absolutely beautiful and expertly arranged.

As my Mum is away next Weekend, I have already had her Mothers Day Flowers delivered. This year I chose this exquisite Violet Orchid bouquet - isn't is stunning?

If you are ordering your Mum some flowers for Sunday, Appleyard London have kindly given me a generous discount code to share with my lovely readers. Simply use BLOG33 for 33% off Appleyards range of luxury bouquets, (EXCLUDING the flowers by post range)

*   *   *

A quality bottle of wine.

This Ned Pinot Noir, is described as dense fruit based bouquet and a palate of ripe berry fruit flavour wrapped up in a supple, silky tannin texture.

Made from Southern Valleys, NZ imported berries and especially wonderful served with lamb racks and seasonal green vegetables, although just a enjoyable 

 Priced £14.49 this is my own Mums favourite!

*   *   *

Milk Tray Chocolates.

Why not present her with a box of the one and only Cadbury Milk Tray? With it's iconic colours and flavours, the Milk Tray box has been the perfect way to show your love for over 100 years.

In our house, my Husband is a Praline lover, toffees are my favourite, while Liv makes a grab for the Strawberries, which flavour is your favourite?

Available at all good retailers. RRP: £1.00 for a 78g box, £4.25 for a 180g box, £8.49 for a 260g box and £12.99 for a 530g box.

*   *   *

Yankee Candle.

Mothers Day candle Mums Make Everything Brighter Yankee Candle called Lilac Blossoms, will fill her house with the beautiful scent of Lavender and White & deep purple lilacs.

This 2 Wick 10oz tumbler is priced at £14.49 burns for up to 95 hours.

I have my fingers crossed for one of these!

*   *   *


White hot hair treatments.

White Hot  is a collection of six hair products especially for white and grey hair. The shampoos, conditioners and styling products are designed to brighten, cleanse, condition and add shine and definition.

For White Hot Mums, the limited edition Treat Gift Set contains the full collection of White Hot products. I can't wait to gift this set to my Mother in Law as she has spent years looking for quality products like this.

Available until 5th March, the Treat Gift Set contains: 

1 x Glorious Shampoo (200ml)
1 x Luminous Conditioner (200ml)
1 x Brilliant Shampoo (200ml)
1 x Intense Lustre Mask (100ml)
1 x Lifeshine Oil (50ml)
1 x Shooshing Crème (60ml)
1 x White Hot towelling headband
Presented in an organza bag

Priced at £65.00

*   *   *

HoMedics NEWA.

In a nutshell the HoMedics NEWA is a device, you can use in your own home to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing long-term results.

NEWA is a clinically proven device and treatment that is capable of reactivating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, increased natural collagen means lifted and plumped skin, which naturally reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, face and neck. It is a simple fact that as we age our skin begins to lose collagen causing fine lines, deep wrinkles and sagging skin.

 What results can you expect?

After the first treatment -
Skin looks and feels tighter, plumper and has a glow that people notice.

After 4 weeks -
A reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; skin is firmer and smoother.

After 12 weeks -
Up to a one third reduction in wrinkles and tighter skin, with continued improvements over time.

NEWA is easy to use, comfortable, pain-free, as relaxing as a warm facial massage, and can be used on all skin colours and skin types.

Newa delivers energy 3 layers deep into the skin, reactivating the natural collagen producing process. Nothing else can do this - no cream can reach these cells and fillers and chemicals can’t achieve this either.

Priced at £199.99.

Check out the video below for more information.

*   *   *

Nivea skin care.

After all of the treatments above, of course it is important to also have a good skin care routine. My Mum is often told she doesn't look her age and she has always used Nivea products. The range is far larger now, so I am going to give her some new products to try from the Nivea Q10 plus range.

Q10 and Creatine are powerful active ingredients found naturally in the skin. With age their levels decrease, this means that skin is more prone to damage by external influences - one of the main causes of premature skin-ageing.

The products I have decided to gift my Mum are:

Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle age spot day cream - £10.99
Containing Q10 and Creatine in a powerful formula, this cream works effectively to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Nivea Q10 plus, anti wrinkle colour correction tinted day cream - £9.99
NIVEA® Q10 plus range contains the skin's own actives Q10 and Creatine which work in harmony with your skin.
Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle eye cream - £9.99
This cream is very light, fast absorbing and perfume free. It promises to minimise dark under-eye circles and visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes

Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle night cream - £9.99
Replenishes skin at night while supporting its ability to regenerate. It also supports your natural Q10 and Creatine, helping fight the appearance of wrinkles.

*   *   *

Braun Silk-épil 9 - Wet&Dry Cordless epilator & Exfoliation system.

Braun Silk-épil 9 has a 40% wider head removing a lot more hair per stroke for faster epilation, microgrip tweezer technology featuring wider, longer and deeper tweezers removing even the shortest hairs that wax cannot catch (down to 0.5mm).

This system is ideal for beginners as it uses pulsating active vibrations for an extra gentle epilation, has a pivoting head for comfort and is also safe to use in the shower or bath.

what makes this system extra special is the sonic exfoliation brush attachment which visibly refines skin with 3000 micro-vibrations per minute and 10.000 fine bristles gently removing dead skin cells. 

This system also comes with a protection cap, shaver head, trimmer cap, skin contact cap, facial cap and cleaning brush for all of your hair removal needs.

Priced at £179.99.

*   *   *

Electrical gifts.

Goodmans NOD DAB digital alarm clock radio with USB charging.

This DAB+ Digital Clock Radio not only has a fantastic sleek and modern look, but is also incredibly functional.

Featuring a large dimmable display, this mains powered alarm clock comes preset with 20 radio stations, FM tuner, & sleep / snooze features. 

Sounds pretty standard so far right?

Except the Goodmans NOD also has the ability to set daily, weekly or weekend alarms - so no more fumbling around trying to set the Weekend alarms after a bottle of wine on a Saturday. It also has two USB charging ports in the back to allow you to simultaneously charge phones or tablets (using your own cables) There is also a headphone socket fitted so you can listen to music without disturbing your Partner or Children.

Overall size:
W - 116mm, H - 113mm, D - 130mm

Priced at £49

*   *   *

Something to make her reminisce!

If your Mum has a record collection that she hasn't been able to listen to for years, why not surprise her with this Stylo Vinyl Player, priced at £54.99 from Wayfair.

This compact record player plays 33 / 45 / 78 RPM, the turntable has a high shine piano finish, featuring two inbuilt high quality speakers, and a play/ pause lift arm. There is also an AUX out option, should she want to use headphones or attach an external speaker.

Expertly finished with a blue LED pilot lamp to illuminate the volume and rotating power controls, your Mum will instantly be transported back to the good old days with this gift!

Overall size: H - 11.5cm W - 33cm D - 28cm
Overall Product Weight: 1.8 kg

*   *   *

Aldi Mothers Day special buys.

Ladies Luxury Scarf - £5.99
Who doesn't love a cosy scarf? These beautiful 100% acrylic Jacquard designs are sure to keep your lovely Mum cosy.

Mini DAB & FM Radio - £29.99
Featuring an LCD display and built in alarm clock and snooze function, this portable radio is fitted with a carry handle and mains or AA battery power options. Available in duck egg blue, orange, black or cream.

Super Cleanser - £14.99
A professional facial gadget that gently massages and exfoliates skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. With its accompanying range of accessories, this excellent product would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

Decorative Wall Clocks - £3.99
These attractive clocks come in several designs and colours and include batteries.

Be sure to get to your nearest Aldi as soon as possible as Special Buys often sell out quickly!

*   *   *

Home Bargains treats.

Have you considered popping into your local Home Bargains for Mothers Day? They have a huge selection of lovely gift to suit every budget - especially if you have little that would like to use their own money like Liv does.

Here are the lovely goodies I was lucky to be sent. Liv is thrilled with them and can't wait to present them on Sunday morning.

Cosmetic bag - £1.69
Coordinating handbag mirror - 49p
Storage case gift box - 99p
Jar of sweets - £2.49

Gift bag - 79p
Picture holder magnet - 49p
Paperweight photo frame - 99p
Teddy in a bag - £1.99

"The lovliest Mum" mug - 99p
Chocolate tulips - £1.79

All of this for just £12.70! What a bargain!

*   *   *

I hope I have given you some inspiration. Which idea is your favourite?

Disclaimer - some of the above items were sent to me for consideration in this gift guide. All opinion is my own.