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Life with Liv this Christmas

Tuesday 8 January 2013

We had a lovely family Christmas, Mr Life with Liv had 2 weeks off work so we really got some quality family time in.

There has been lots of dancing, singing and crafts.

Liv has also enjoyed hoovering, colouring at her new desk and taking her car for a spin.

We have had visitors and visited plenty too!

There was our annual family meal on Christmas eve, Christmas Day at My parents, boxing day at Mother the in laws, New year with the in laws and New years day with my parents. Throw in my Brother and Sister in law with their 5 and it has been fun fun fun, I would love to rewind and do it all over again!

All topped of with getting some fresh air at our local park called Ty Mawr.

There we met some Guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, chickens, goats, lamas, ponies, horses, pigs and a donkey.

Liv also got to ride in the gorgeous Cosatto You 2 Twin GoLightly stroller with her cousin, it was so comfy that she fell asleep and missed out on the park at the end, just an excuse to go back again SOON!

Keep your eyes peeled on Mummy2Five's blog for a review on this beautiful stroller.

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year :)