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Cirque Du Hilarious review

Saturday 2 August 2014

Liv and I have had a lovely fun packed week last week, starting with a trip to Blackpool to watch the Father and Son duo - Danny Adams and Cliff Webb - better known as the very funny Cirque Du Hilarious.

If, like me, you have never heard of them before, here is a paragraph from their website describing them:
"Circus Hilarious are award-winning father and son duo Clive Webb and Danny Adams. For over fifteen years, CIRCUS HILARIOUS has been bringing the magic of circus and mirth of comedy to audiences across the UK"

When we arrived at the Central Pier Showbar we were handed our tickets and advised to collapse the pushchairs as there were quite a few stairs to climb, although I'm sure there must be a lift in the building as I spotted some wheelchair seating available to the left of the stage.

There was plenty of seating avaible throughout the good sized room - which was air conditioned - an absolute blessing! Also in the room was a bar selling alcohol, soft drinks and crisps.

We got some drinks from the bar and sat down at the back on some raised seating so the toddlers could see, it was then I began to wonder how successfull these Guys would be at making our group ranging from 2 - 65, laugh out loud. The answer is - VERY!

The show is a hilarious mix of slapstick, magic acts, music, dancing, audience participation and pure and simple stupidity. My six year old Nephew in particular did not stop laughing through the whole act, and has been repeating Danny's catchphrases ever since.

Liv was a little upset at a few of the very loud bangs and didn't really link the giant fake robots head falling off but otherwise she laughed and danced along happily. While some of it was a little cringey to Adults the kids loved it and although it isn't really my kind of humour I found myself giggling along and really laughed at a few parts. It's absolutely impossible not to with the very talented and cheeky Danny pulling faces, using funny voices and generally throwing himself around the stage. The one or two mishaps were made to seem like very funny parts of the act like when Danny fell off the stage dressed as a Wolf, the way he dealt with it was more hilarious than the fall!

All of the performers (including another two of Clive's sons - Mick Potts and Jonny Marx) work really well together, with the very lovely dancing Ladies brought out to distract you from the prop change. I honestly don't know how they all managed to perform so well in last weeks heat, it must have been absolutely gruelling for them but of course as professional performers they didn't let it show.

Hints and tips:

1) Just incase Grandma or Boys of a certain age are going with you - there are Ladies dancing in burlesque outfits and in the show in their underwear (fleetingly). Nothing to worry about but I thought I would mention it as my Nana would have been horrified (my Mother in law was not!) 

2) I would advise you to try to keep phones etc in a safe place as there are occasions when water is squirted into the audience - VERY funny!

3) Try to get there early to ensure a central seat so you don't miss any of the action.

It was without a doubt a very funny show, all of our group genuinely enjoyed the show and would happily pay to see it again.

If you find yourself in Blackpool before the 31st of August I would definitely reccomend watching the show, alternatively you can catch Danny and Clive in their annual sell out panto in Newcastle or possibly during their Butlins tours. You can also keep up with the latest news on their Facebook page or on Twitter.

Disclaimer: we were provided with free entry to the show to enable us to review, however all opinion is my own.