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Win a gorgeous Miracle changing bag.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Here is your chance to win a gorgeous bag from Miracle bags - the winner can chose between a Chic, Milan or City bag!
We reviewed the City bag and LOVE it, read our review here.

You can view the full range of
products at www.themiraclebox.co.uk.




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Karcher SC 5.800 C steam cleaner review

When I found out I was pregnant with Liv, we bought a steam floor cleaner in preparation, we liked the idea that we could kill germs on the living room floor without using harmful chemicals.
Trouble was, it leaked, great big puddles randomly. So when I was asked to review a Karcher steam cleaner I was a little dubious.
I really needn't have been, it is BRILLIANT!
I have been steaming everything I can, starting with the laminate flooring, grouting in the hallway and plastic front door.
It is simple to set up as everything slots together with a click and lock system, easy to operate as it just has one dial for settings and a simple trigger system to release the steam. it is also very easy to manoeuvre with the 360 degree rotating front wheel.
My favourite features are the on board accessory storage to save you having to dig out pieces when you need them and also the child safety lock.


What's in the box:
* Steam cleaner unit
 * 2 extension poles
* Lamellae floor tool with cloth
* Hand tool with bristles and cloth
* Small round detail brush
* Detail nozzle
* Descaling tablets
* Hose

As you can see below our hallway had gotten quite mucky during all of the recent rain, this is the area where dirty shoes go and the pushchair is wheeled in and out too so it gets dirty quickly. I won't point out which parts I had steamed as I think it is fairly obvious!!

Usually I have to bleach this and scrub with a wire brush, but with a little elbow grease and some steam this is the result, I was amazed!

I would whole heartedly reccommend this cleaner to family and friends.

You can view the full Karcher range at www.karcher.co.uk

Disclaimer - I was sent this steam cleaner for the purpose of the review however all opinion is my own. 

Liv first beach day

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Liv has been to the beach twice before, for short periods in okish weather, this was her first full day in the sun and she loved every second of it!
She dug holes, built sandcastles, paddled, ate sandy sandwiches, had her first ice cream man experience and flew her kite.
I think paddling with her cousin narrowly pipped kite flying to the number one spot, she tried everything she could to get back to the water, she even took her Uncle and Godfather by the hand saying "ta" and pointing to the sea, this was a huge deal because apart from her Daddy and Grandad Liv is very shy around Men, usually not even acknowledging them, THAT'S how much she liked the sea :)

Livs treasures

Liv has always had a thing for jewellery, she takes great interest in what jewellery people wear and as a result has built up quite a collection of play and real jewellery.

This is how she ate her lunch today


She has some pieces of Clogau (Welsh gold) that I am really jealous of!

 My lovely Nana, who has since passed away, bought Liv a beautiful Christening bangle

My parents got her this locket, also for her Christening.
With the money she had for her Christening we bought her this bracelet.
She also had a Cross that she wore on her Christening day from her Godparents

They are all tucked safely away until she is big enough and responsible enough to look after them.

Do you have anything put away for your little ones or something that was put away for you? 

Miracle products City changing bag review

Friday 21 June 2013

Liv is heading off for the weekend with my parents, so this stylish Miracle products City changing bag arrived just at the right time!

Although the City bag is a changing bag, there is plenty of room inside for it to be used as an overnight bag, I easily fitted in:
  • Sleeping bag
  • Dressing gown
  • Nightie
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 2 vests
  • 4 bibs
  • 2 outfits
  • Towel
  • Swim suit and hat
  • Night night Minnie
  • Projector
  • 8 nappies
  • Pack of wipes
  • Tooth brush and paste
  • Comb
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Eczema cream
  • Sun cream
  • Soother (attached to clip)
  • Changing mat 
  • Clear bag

Features include: 
  • Two large central zipped compartments.
  • A deep bottle pocket at either end (one thermal) both with magnetic closing.
  • External slip pockets, one includes a strap and clip for key/soother.
  • Large matching padded changing mat.
  • Internal net and zipped pockets.
  • Shoulder strap, adjustable from approximately 25 inches to 48 inches.
  • Arm/shoulder handles.
  • Includes a large padded changing mat and clear plastic case.
  • Chrome metal feet.
  • Made from 100% cotton which is laminated to make it hard wearing and wipe clean.
  • High quality zips and clips.

The City bag measures 44cm wide, 24cm deep and 26cm high, is perfect for mums who need space and costs just £49.00.

I love this bag, it is perfect for trips out when you need to take a little more with you, if you have more than one child or a Husband who wants you to keep his phone/keys/wallet in your bag like mine does! I would definitely recommend it to family and Friends.
Disclaimer - I received this bag for the purpose of the review. All opinion and wording is my own.

Playfoam review

Tuesday 18 June 2013

What is playfoam I hear you ask? It is very hard to describe, the best way I can think to explain it is try to imagine the small balls of polystyrene you have left from packaging mixed with coloured (what feels like) tacky pva glue - completely mess free and non-toxic.

It's very clever because despite being slightly sticky to touch, it doesn't actually stick to anything like play dough does. It is removable from carpets without combing or cutting :) fully moldable (as shown below with my attempts at a flower and rabbit/cat creations!) and non - toxic.

We have kept it in an old sweet box for several weeks and it has not dried out at all.

The eight colours you receive.

Playfoam is recommended for age 3+, even though Liv is only 20 months she has really enjoyed playing with it, she loves to squash it in her hands and poke her fingers into it, all of which aids sensory perception and fine motor skill development, she seems to prefer it to her clays and has only tried to taste it twice!

I would recommend this product to family and friends.

Disclaimer - we were sent some Playfoam for the purpose of the review, however all wording and opinion is my own.

Mon Premier - Calin pink Star Corolle doll review

Liv loves her teddies and can quite often be found with one tucked under her arm so I was unsure how she would respond to a doll.

Little did I know she would love her new baby (as she has been imaginatively named!) 

She was chosen as bedtime toy on her first night in her new house, a great honour I can assure you!
She has even shared lunch with Olivia.

At 30cm long, she has been specifically designed to be the best size for young Girls, she has been sculpted in the likeness of a real baby with open & close brown eyes, has lovely long eyelashes and hair detailing on her scalp.

She also has two teeth visible in her little mouth and her clothing is inspired by real baby clothes.

My favourite thing about her is that she is ever so delicately scented with vanilla which make her completely irresistible to cuddle.

I also really like that her sparkly cardigan has been stitched onto the pretty top underneath, this will save me so much time putting it back on!

The Mon Premier Corolle collection is suitable for children aged 18 Months onwards. Calin pink Star's RRP is £35.99.

View the full range of Corolle Dolls at www.dkltoys.co.uk.

Disclaimer: I was sent this doll for the purpose of the review, however all opinion and wording is my own.

Frankie and Bennys new special menu - review.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

We were very lucky to be asked to review Frankie and Bennys new specials menu, after thinking about it for all of 3 seconds we said YES PLEASE!

Upon arrival we were met with a smiling face, unfortunately there was no tables free but we were seated in the bar area where we ordered and were brought our drinks, with 10 minutes a table became available so we were seated.

We chose to have an appetiser of ciabbata bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping and a pot of lovely green olives while we looked over the new menu.

Crab bruschetta.
Described on the menu as: "Our shredded crab with our home-made mix of fresh tomato, red onion, basil, olive oil and cracked black pepper served over toasted ciabatta"

This was very tasty, I LOVE bruchetta and found the crab a perfect addition with just enough to add flavour to the other fresh ingredients. It was not at all overpowering and has jumped its way to my favourite Frankie and Bennys starter.

BBQ Pulled Pork Potato Skins.
Described on the menu as: "Fully loaded with BBQ pulled pork and red onion, topped with cheddar and served with sour cream on the side"

These were delicious, the pork was very tender with the perfect amount of BBQ sauce and melted cheese, the addition of sour cream took the flavour to another level, very yummy!

Main courses.

Cajun Mushroom Pizza.

Described on the menu as "Our tomato and mozzarella base loaded with sautéed Cajun mushrooms topped with our cooling fresh bruschetta mix and philly cheese sauce. Or if you’d prefer, swap Cajun mushrooms with Cajun chicken"

We substituted the mushroom with chicken on this pizza but I would like to try it again with the mushrooms. The base was thin and crispy and the topping tasted devine, the Cajun spices on the chicken went very well with all of the fresh ingredients and the philly sauce added a touch of richness. This pizza was so tasty we would without doubt order this again.

BBQ Pulled Pork Pasta Bake.

Described on the menu as "Our BBQ pulled pork, roasted red pepper and sliced red onion tossed with penne. Topped with grated cheddar and served piping hot to your table!"

I have to be honest, I did not enjoy this pasta dish. The sauce is incredibly sweet and tangy, The pork again was lovely and tender and there was plenty of it but I was unable to finish the dish as it was far too sweet for my taste.


For dessert we both chose the Salt Caramel Cheesecake.

Described on the menu as "A magnificently creamy cheesecake topped with salt caramel sauce and chocolate honeycomb. Served with a scoop of our real dairy vanilla ice cream"
We are cheesecake lovers and this one definitely lived up to it's description. The rich cheesecake was very thick and creamy. It has a non crunchy base, it is more like a soft shortbread so the chocolate honeycomb pieces add that crunch. The Salted caramel is divine, sticky, sugary and an underlying hint of salt to cut through the richness, this will definitely be our dessert of choice on our next visit.

The staff were all very polite and attentive, nothing was too much trouble, we even altered our food order after it was placed which was no issue at all.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Frankie and Bennys at Eagles Meadow in Wrexham and would without doubt visit again.

The Specials Menu is available all day Sunday - Friday, and is only £10.95 for 2 courses or you can top up to 3 courses for an additional £2.25.

You can view the Specials menu here.

Disclaimer - we were provided with a voucher to review the new specials menu.

Is that Summer we see?!

Tuesday 4 June 2013

We have been out for a walk and a trip to the park today, we stopped for a yummy ice cream, played in the paddling pool and blew bubbles in the garden, pretty perfect day I'd say!

What have you guys been up to?