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Christmas 2015 with Poundland.

Monday, 30 November 2015

It's official, tomorrow is December, no hiding from Christmas anymore!

I'm sure like me, most of you head into your local Poundland for Christmas goodies. Every Christmas I make a few trips for many different things and every year they surprise me with their selection.

With the new website up and running I opted to place a Poundland online order as I don't drive, postage is actually cheaper than bus fare - and far easier than dragging a 4 year old around town in the rain.

So here's what I bought.

Christmas cards.

Firstly I chose these 3 for 2 charity Christmas cards, which are raising money for the wonderful Macmillan cancer support.


With a 4 year old Girl in the house, it was inevitable that we would end up with some Frozen decorations really!

Liv chose this wreath for her bedroom door and these window stickers too.

There is a huge range of lovely Frozen items in Poundland this year.

Gift presentation.

When it comes to the finishing touches, you can always count on Poundland. I chose 2 bottle bags for £1, a variety of coloured bows & ribbon and also a gift sack.

Christmas treats!

Where better to fill your cupboards full of yummy treats than at a shop where everything costs just £1?! I was very pleasantly surprised to see Terrys Chocolate Orange segment bags as they are £2 in our local shop.

Paper plates and napkins.

Perfect for parties or for those nights when you fancy a little bit of supper but don't feel like washing up!

Stocking fillers.

It's not just Liv that has stocking fillers, all of the Family have a couple of little gifts from us on Christmas morning. Yummy!

Christmas plate and bowl.

This plate and bowl were the biggest shock! They are really thick and quite heavy, even though they are Adult size Liv is thrilled to be using them.

Just for fun :)

Liv loves being Chef and can't wait to do some Christmas baking, I was really pleased when I saw this apron and Chef hat set. Very festive and anything that helps keep clothes clean is a bonus.

As usual the items were all fantastic, my delivery arrived 2 days after the order was placed and nothing needed returning. I would definitely recommend using the delivery service. 

What is your favourite Poundland buy this year?

Advent options - how times have changed!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

When I was very Young I remember having an Advent Calendar with just pictures behind the doors, then it progressed to nasty tasting cheap chocolate - I've never been a fan!

These days there are so many options, there is no reason for any Child - or Adult for that matter - to not enjoy a little treat every day in the count down to the big day.

To resolve the cheap chocolate issue, simply pick up a calendar filled with 24 yummy Cadbury treats. Presented in beautiful festive packaging, what Child - or Adult for that matter - wouldn't want one?!

For those with food allergies, Holland & Barrett are selling "Free from" chocolate options this year:

Dairy Free advent calendar.

The chocolate inside this festive looking "free from" advent calendar is made with a blend of cocoa, sugar and rice powder.

It is also suitable for vegans and coeliacs so no one has to miss out!

No added sugar advent calendar.

The no added sugar option is dairy, gluten and nut free. Made with sweetened cocoa, xylitol and soya, this chocolate is also suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

There is no need for anyone to miss out this year!

Both are available to buy online and in store for £3.99 each.

Playmobil Santa's Workshop Advent Calendar.

Behind each door of this Calendar is another piece to add to the Santa's Workshop scene provided. As each box is opened, you will meet Santa, his elves helping load the sleigh, a reindeer, fairy and many more lovely accessories. Ideal for encouraging role play.

Also included is a pairs memory card game.

Suitable from 4 years+.

Priced at £19.99

Yankee Advent House In The Snow.

Not a chocolate lover? Why not try something different with a treat a day from the world's best loved candle company. 

Not only is this advent calendar beautiful, it will present you with a tealight candle for 23 days before surprising you with a larger votive candle on Christmas Eve. Fragrances include Candy Cane Lane, Bundle Up, Snowflake Cookie, Icicles, Winter Glow, Christmas Eve, and Spiced Orange. I can't wait to start opening mine and making the house smell like Christmas.

Priced at £27.99.

Lindt Lindor Advent Calendar.

As a huge fan of the original Lindor truffle ball, the golden box was my favourite option and a great way to try out the other flavours available.

Featuring 24 irresistibly smooth milk or white chocolate truffles in seven different flavours including Coconut, Hazelnut and Strawberry and Cream, I am so excited to open my first chocolate Advent Calendar in many years!

Priced at just £10.

For the extra special touch, you could opt for a reusable calendar. I love this Cox and Cox advent tree.

Each little drawer is numbered up to 24, allowing you to decide what treat is behind each number. You could use, hair clips, costume jewellery, badges, small toys or of course chocolates or sweets. It will quickly become a firm Family tradition.

Reduced from £60 to £39.

I can't wait for the 1st December to see everyone open their calendar.

Which is your favourite?

My top tips when moving house.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

They say one of the most stressful things in life is moving house. I can't say I agree with this but then I only moved in with my Boyfriend (now Husband) when I was 21 so packing up my bedroom wasn't exactly stressful! 

Moving from our flat to our first house a year later was a completely different story though. By then we had a living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom to pack up, not to mention all of the things we had bought for the new house. 

The biggest stress though was by far our Cockateil. He was completely terrified, you could literally see his little heart hammering away in his chest bless him. 

Next time we move we will also have our cheeky Charlie Boy along for the ride.

Who could resist those eyes?

So with a few of my Friends moving house recently (one is due to move Christmas week!) I thought I would share my own tips and advice from when we moved and also some I have noted for any future moves.

If you have pets:

Please read these tips on moving house with your pets. If moving is so stressful for us Human, I can only begin to imagine how our little pets feel. It has simple yet helpful suggestions about how to make the journey as painless as possible and tips such as packing your pets bed and toys last so you can set them out as soon as you arrive.

Redirect your post to your new home:

Even though you think you have notified everyone of the change of address there will always be one company that haven't updated your details properly - for us it was our bank, we were locked out of our online banking for days because our address hadn't been updated properly in the branch. Had we had our mail forwarded we would have noticed correspondence still going to the old address and rectified the problem.

Buy a new bed frame: 

Odd you make think but after our wooden bed had been unscrewed and re-screwed at the new house it kept getting loose and never felt sturdy again. We ended up buying a cheap metal bed which lasted years and was passed on to Friends when we bought our new bedroom suite.

Most importantly:

Before you pack away all of your things, find out where the stopcock (to turn off the water) is. We never knew until the washer froze and flooded the kitchen, a lot of water damage could have been prevented if we knew where to turn the water off immediately!

Home fitness equipment - try before you buy.

Friday, 20 November 2015

I don't know about anyone else but over the years we have had so many different types of fitness equipment I have almost lost count.

The worst by far was an air walker - it could just be my complete lack of coordination that made using this a complete and utter impossibility for me but honestly the results were hilarious!

Before Liv was born my Husband used to do a lot of weight training, however he quickly realised he couldn't do that and be as hands on as he wanted with Liv so he sadly let them go.

At the moment we only have a treadmill, an exercise bike and a stepper but we have both been feeling like we would like to add something new that actually works.

We have both been looking into vibration plates. The research behind them is very convincing and also they look fun - that is always a bonus when exercising right?!

After so much equipment has come and gone again over the years I will admit that I am quite nervous about buying anything new and then finding out it doesn't suit us.

I wasn't aware that there were companies out there which specialised in hiring out gym equipment until I stumbled upon Hire Fitness.

This means we can simply hire one for a while to try out at home before making the decision to buy one - excellent news!  The price starts at just £20 for 4 weeks. The price also reduces the longer it is hired for! There are also hire to buy options which are something definitely worth bearing in mind. 

Does anyone have any recommendations of other great equipment we could consider? 

Have a look on www.hire-fitness.ie and let me know!

Parents - always the hardest to shop for?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas.

I love making my lists, decorating the house and spend hours and hours getting the tree perfect.

But the thing I love most is that excited feeling of handing over a beautifully wrapped gift you just know that person will love and then watching the excitement on their face as they take in what is inside.

I work really hard to try to find the perfect gift for everyone, and I think I usually succeed.

All except my Parents. They are virtually impossible to buy for and are always the last People to buy for on my list. 

They both only like a couple of perfume/aftershaves (which they have stock piled over the years!) neither wear jewellery and it's safe to say we have well and truly exhausted the sentimental options with key rings, framed photographs, engraved items etc, etc.

So I have been racking my brains what I could get them this year and I have decided to get them both a really good, high quality full outfit each.

While I was crying into my laptop at the prices of all the high quality items I was liking the look of, I came across this gorgeous Fred Perry Crew Neck in Medieval Blue from a website called 
M and M Direct.

Copyright M & M Direct.

What is so remarkable about it is that it is priced at £44.99 whereas I had seen it at RRP £99.99 elsewhere, what a huge saving!! 

Needless to say, a basket was started!

Next up I spotted these rather comfy but stylish looking Ugg Womens Grandle Boots priced at £89.99 with an RRP of £159.99!
Copyright M & M Direct.

They were quickly added to my basket along with some Levi's and a Jacket. Now the ball is well and truly rolling with the Parents, there will soon be a huge "tick" on my forever grwoing To Do list.

Who do you find hardest to buy for?