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Christmas at Poundland.

Monday 17 November 2014

Who doesn't love a good Pound shop? I know I do! We are very lucky that our local store is quite big and has a fair few tills too so you have hardly any wait time, even when it is really busy.

So when I was asked to  take part in the Christmas Blogger challenge I excitedly accepted. The Challenge was to simply spend £20 in your local Poundland with a Christmas theme.

As I am in the store at least once a week I had already bought a lot of items including tree decorations, colouring books, chocolate coins and 2 DVD's for Livs stocking (Mr Men and Thomas the Tank Engine) I decided to try to come up with more helpful/practical items.

This is my haul:

Here is how we spent our £20.

Firstly, I paid £4 for 6 selections boxes for my nieces and nephews (3 for £2).
I was so pleased to find these at such a bargain price as they have all had money this year but I also wanted a little something for them to open, I still remember the excitement of opening a selection box as a child so I hope they like them.

£1 for 3 rolls of wrapping paper - I ALWAYS run out at the last minute and end up with a hideous roll for about £3 from the local shop, not this year!

£1 for a pack of three scissors because if you are anything like me the scissors seem to grow legs and walk off when you are wrapping gifts.

£2 for some yummy Cadbury hot chocolate and mini marshmallows to warm us on the cold days

£1 on a box of PG tips to make sure we always have a brew ready for any unexpected guests.

£1 for some after eight mints for when you can't quite fit in a dessert but can squeeze in a little treat!!

£1 on three small tins of beans to make sure there is an emergency lunch in the cupboard - we tend to dash in and out to various Family and Friends over Christmas so these will come in very handy.

£2 for a doggy toy and treat - because he deserves some presents too.

£2 for a tub of vapour rub and menthol oil in preparation to send off any colds that may strike before the big day.

£2 on some paper plates and napkins to minimise the washing up where possible- does anyone enjoy that job?

£1 for some bin bags for the humongous clear up on Christmas morning.

£1 for some raisins for Liv - they are perfect to bribe her into her pushchair or the car and keep her happy on the journey - result!

And lastly I bought a pack of  30 tea lights for our various tea light holders. 

= £20 :)
All practical items and as usual an awful lot for the small price paid.

What is your favourite buy from your Poundshop this year?

Disclaimer - I was sent a £20 voucher for the purpose of the review however all opinion is my own.

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