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Starting Christmas shopping!

Monday 19 October 2015

Recently we were offered the chance to spend £30 on toys at House of Fraser. My first thought was that House of Fraser are known for high quality/designer products and I wondered how far it would stretch, my second thought was well I won't know unless I give it a try!!

The first thing I noticed was that the website was very easy to navigate, everything was clearly set out and you are able to sort the toys in various ways including price, or toy type etc. Items are easily added to your basket and clearly displayed there allowing you to add or remove them easily and also keep an eye on your total.

Looking through the vast toy section, I found some items that are on Olivias Birthday or Christmas list and the prices were surprisingly the same as I had seen elsewhere - I learnt a valuable lesson not to make assumptions right there.

With the budget I was set I managed to get:

  • Play Doh Sweet Shoppe cookie creations set - £10
  • Play Doh Sweet shoppe swirl and scoop ice cream set - £15
  • And a set of 8 tubs of Play Doh Plus - £7
I'm sure you have noticed that I was £2 over budget but it was definitely worth paying for the Play Doh Plus given how fast it ends up going that inevitable green/brown colour.

Delivery for these items was £3.50 (delivery is free if you spend over £50) They arrived 3 days after the order was placed, well packed in a sturdy cardboard box.

I have since seen these items for more elsewhere and have already made some toy purchases from House of Fraser.

Top Christmas shopping Tips:
Shop around for the best prices.
Don't discount shops you assume are more expensive - trust me!

Disclaimer - all images and opinions are our own.