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BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow review.

Thursday 29 October 2015

For most new Parents a baby monitor is definitely a must have purchase and boy have they evolved over the years.

When Liv was born we had a monitor with a sensor pad which we quickly realised was more worry than it was help because it kept going off constantly. We decided then to upgrade to a video monitor. We didn't have a big budget so just bought what we could afford. It has a tiny little grainy screen and if your little one moves out of sight you find yourself going upstairs to check in them anyway.

When we were asked to review the BT Lightshow monitor I jumped at the chance and I am so glad I did!

What's in the box:

The Camera/Microphone/Light show unit,
Parent unit & base
Two mains cables
Screws - for wall mounting the camera if required.

Couldn't possibly be any easier, plug in the cable and turn on! 

The camera unit includes an audio monitor allowing you to talk to your Child, pan and tilt camera, lightshow and music / sound player. 

The picture on the Parent unit is fantastic. The screen is colour, 3.5 inches and produces a very clear true time image - even at night thanks to the integrated infrared technology. Once charged, the parent unit can used unplugged for around 6 hours

The camera can be moved by the touch screen Parent unit - almost 360 degree horizontally and vertically - so if like us you have a 3 year old that likes to get out of bed and play when she should be going to sleep, you can find them in their room and use the talk back feature to ask (beg!) them to get back into bed! 

For younger babies you can remotely turn on the nightlight, lightshow, music or sound effects - including classical, nursery rhymes, sounds of the womb or white noise like a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner. This should help to soothe them back to sleep without you running up and downstairs every 5 minutes to turn music or projectors on like we did.

The unit also has various timers to helps with feeding and also monitors the temperature of the room, alerting the Parent if the room has become either too cold or too hot. 

There is even a ‘Cry’ alarm which warns the parents if the child is crying, either by vibrating the Parent unit or sounding an alarm.

Daddy reading Liv her bedtime story.
We genuinely love this monitor and wish we had it from Birth. All of the extra features like the white noise sounds would be fantastic with a Newborn.

BT really have done a great job with this system. It is very clear that it has been tried and tested as little touches have been added like the integrated stand on the Parent unit and being able to charge the unit in a cradle so it isn't falling over during the night.

Great work BT, 10/10 from us!

This monitor is priced at £179.98 and available from www.shop.bt.com

Disclaimer - we were sent the BT monitor for the purpose of the review, however all opinion and images are our own.