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Livs new Micro Scooter - review.

Thursday 29 October 2015

Being the Daughter of a Blogger, Liv is used to receiving new toys to try out. Some we keep, some are gifted and others go to the local Charity shop. So as you can imagine it's not often she gets really attached to something.

That was until I was asked to review a Micro Scooter from Skatehut. As soon as it arrived and she saw the image on the box she started squealing with excitement and jumping up and down, I have honestly never seen her react that way!

I quickly set about building it - which was very easy to do, even with a 3 year old "helping"

The scooter itself is different to any other I have seen. It has 3 wheel, with a brake pedal over the back wheel, which restricts the wheel turning when pressure is applied. It is a 3 wheel scooter but with two wheels in the front. However, the really unique thing about this scooter is the steering. 

The handlebars don't rotate like other scooters, instead they lean left or right, moving the direction of the two front wheels.

It took Liv a little while to get used to the steering, having been used to a standard 2 wheel scooter. However once she did, there has been no stopping her! She whizzes around like a pro now and has even started doing some jumps with the scooter!

She has used it a lot when we are out and about as it is more fund for her than walking and burns some of her copious amounts of energy too.

She loves it so much that she has already made a list of Micro scooter accessories she would like to ask Santa for.

I have also heard on the grapevine that Santa may be thinking of bringing a Micro Balance Bike if she is a good Girl, we will have to wait and see!

Disclaimer - I was sent a scooter for the purpose of the review however all opinion and images are my own.