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Getting Halloween ready!

Monday 26 October 2015

Since Liv has been born, we have taken part in the fun of Halloween and dressed her up. She had a skelton onesie the year she was born, and has also been a witch and a bad fairy. This year she has been sent a rather fabulous Vampiress outfit from the lovely Sainsbury's.

Priced at just £11 this outfit is by far my favourite she has had. It is made of a mixture of black velvet and red satin type material with lashings of black lace. The first thing I thought was that it would be warmer than most Halloween outfits. Liv loves the hoop in the skirt and twirls round asking if she looks like the Ladies on Strictly ever time she wears it!

Her favourite part though is the jewelled button on the belt that plays a scary laugh when pressed - great fun! It does come with a lovely glittery bat face mask but because she is only 4 (in size 6/7 outfits) the eye holes are a little too far apart for her so she has decided to wear it in her hair which looks equally as pretty.

The quality and fit of the dress is lovely and she can't wait to wear it.

Thank you Sainsburys!

*      *      *      *      *

To keep us entertained after Trick or Treating, we have this Ghost Hunt Game priced at £26.49 from Megableu.

This game has brought hours of fun to our household already and I can truly it see it bringing lots more at the Family Halloween party next Weekend.

What's in the box:
1 electronic projector (Billy Bones), 
1 electronic gun, 
1 pair of multi vision glasses
1 manual
(Requires batteries: 4 x AA, 3 x AAA - not included)

The premise of the game is to shoot the projected ghost with the gun. The gun has a counter facing you so you can keep track of how many you have shot - and who is winning of course!

The fun really starts when you play while wearing the multi vision glasses as you then see 3 other ghosts circling the one you need to shoot!

With three difficulty settings; Easy, Medium and Hard, all the Family can play.

A must have for any Halloween parties this Weekend!

Happy Halloween everyone!