Me & My Shadow

Thursday, 6 September 2012

As some of you may know, we have a King Charles Spaniel called Charlie (Imaginative I know!)

He was our baby until Liv came along. I was very worried about how Charlie would react to us bringing the baby home so I tried to pass more and more things to my Husband, he started to feed, discipline and play with him a lot more as we knew I would be the one with Liv most of the time.

We bought a recieving blanket which Barry brought home and placed on Charlies bed so he could smell Liv and I, and get used to the scent before we actually came home.

He was initially very excited and nervous and barked when she cried, runing to her crib and back to us to let us know she was crying (like we couldnt hear her!)

Now though, he is more, whats the word, oh yeah TERRIFIED of her, she loves to chase him around in circles just for the fun of it, when she does catch him, he is in for a good round of fur and ear pulling, eye poking and a good all round bashing! Supervised of course.

Liv LOVES him, he can make her laugh hysterically just by walking past her or playing with one of his toys, but Charlie usually avoids her at all costs, unless she is eating because she tries to share with him.

However he seems to know that she isnt herself and is upset from teething and has been getting a lot closer the last few days, I have spotted them a few times just watching each other, I managed to snap a picture of Liv watching the news (seriously!) and Charlie watching her, very cute :)