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Teething Bling Review

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Liv is in the process of cutting her 3rd tooth, so when I was asked to review a Teething Bling pendant from Smart Mum I jumped at the chance!

Anyone who has ever been around a teething baby will be familiar with the Mothers warning "watch your necklace because she/he will chew on it!" well, Liv will bite ANYTHING when a tooth is coming through, she has bitten my fingers and nose many times and put a dent into a locket I was wearing, lesson learned, I stopped wearing a necklace.

We had a very bad experience recently where Liv hurt her mouth with a certain Teething "biscuit" on a ribbon so when the pendant arrived I had a bite to test it out.

It is quite hard to describe, the pendant itself almost looks like marble so I was surprised at the texture, it is hard enough for the baby to get a really good bite on but not hard enough to hurt them or their precious new teeth.

This is how the pendant arrived:

Liv immediately took the pendant off me the second it came out of the packaging and began happily chewing away!

We were sent a Vanilla pendant which smells divine :)

It is not recommended to leave your child with the pendant or allow the child to wear the pendant as it could pose a strangulation risk, I have however attached it to Livs Smart Trike, Pushchair and even the shopping trolley to allow her to still be able to bite down on something when she needs to.

The pendant is lovely to wear and even my Hubby didn't mind having a go!

There is a safety clasp on the satin feel cord which will break open if your child pulls too hard.

The pendant is 2 x 2 inches in circumference and and the cord is approx 30 inches including the clasp.

All of the teething products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free.
Teething bling also make a bangle out of the same material, they look fab too!

This is a picture of the vanilla bean bangle from Teething blings website:

I would definitely recommend this item to family and friends, it is great for keeping little ones amused when you are out and about, Liv will sit in my knee playing and chewing this for ages! It is lovely to wear and very pretty too, my Niece tried to take it to wear just as a piece of jewellery :)

Any piece from this genius company would make a brilliant and different gift for a baby shower or even a Christening.

Pendants are £12.95 and Bangles are £8.95, gift set and gift cards are also available.