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Cow Print, Smart Trike Review

Monday 13 August 2012

Livs Nanny bought her this trike around 6 weeks ago when she was only 8 months old, the instructions advise that you do not use this item until 10 months old but Liv is so big and solid and could reach the foot rest so easily that we felt she was safe to use it.

The moment the parts started to come out of the box Liv got so excited and kept trying to take pieces away with her!

The trike is 3 in 1, it functions as more of a stroller at stage one, stage 2 you can remove the harness and bumper bar to allow the child more access and freedom, and stage 3 everything can be removed leaving the child with a standard trike. Great value!

Here you can see Liv enjoying a chew on the toy mobile phone which comes attached to the bumper bar:

The parent steering handle is adjustable to 3 different levels, the lowest is approximately 30 inches from the floor, point 1 is 36 inches, point 2 is 38.5 inches and the highest point 40 inches (all heights are approximate)simply press the white button in, pull the handle upwards and release the button over one of the 3 holes:

The lowest point:

The highest point:

When we first used this I thought, that little bag is handy to pop a couple if things in, I was pleasantly surprised to find you can actually fit quite a bit into it.

Here is the bag:

Now I could tell you that the bag measures X by Y but that never means anything to me so I would rather show you what I can easily fit into it - SURPRISE!:

The harness is easily adjustable under the shoulder pads:

There is also a one step brake on the rear left wheel, down to brake up to release, nice and easy :)

The trike itself weighs approx 7kg and the maximum user weight is 25kg.

This trike has been a huge hit in our house, Liv gets so excited when she goes out in it, waving her arms, kicking her legs and laughing the whole time.

Daddy actually said WOW! That is the best thing we have ever got for her (very hard to impress is Livs Daddy!)The sun visor is brilliant and gives really good coverage too.
The only "issue" I have found is the basket will tip up the minute you put anything, and I mean anything in it but it doesnt affect the use of the item at all.

I would definately reccomend this to anyone, much more fun than a stroller :)


  1. My son Oscar has one of these (this exact one!), he's had it since his first birthday (now coming up 3). It was great for taking him to the shopping centre as it was a more fun experience than just sitting in a buggy! He now has all the "bits" off it so it's just a trike and he still loves it! x

  2. This sounds great! I think my youngest daughter would love this too!