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Travel in style: how to revamp your campervan for your next trip

Thursday 6 December 2018

If you have a campervan adventure lined up and want to make sure your vehicle is in tiptop condition before you set off, keep reading. 

In this post, we offer some quick and simple tips that can help you to revamp your van and ensure you travel in style.

Have a thorough clean out

From mud, to dog hair, to window mould, campervans can get pretty mucky pretty quickly. So, before your next trip, take a little time to have a thorough clean out. Armed with the right gear, from a vacuum and hard bristle brush to a carpet cleaner, you should be able to get your camper spic and span in no time. If your carpets and mats are beyond saving, why not order replacements online. Specialist van equipment and accessories suppliers such as Van Demon offer carpet and rubber mats that can instantly refresh the flooring in your vehicle. You might also want to get some van seat covers to protect your upholstery from food spills, mud and general grime while you’re on your travels.

Add roof bars for extra storage
Even if you make an effort to pack light, you might find you’re short on space in your camper. One of the easiest and best ways to increase your storage is to add a roof rack or roof bars to the top of your van. These accessories are easy to fit and they give you the perfect place to store large pieces of luggage or other cumbersome items - providing you with extra space on board your camper.

Invest in new window dressings

Comfort is key if you’re to get the most from your four-wheeled adventures, and this means being able to control the light and temperature levels in your van. If you don’t already have them, now’s the time to invest in some good quality window dressings. Blackout curtains can be ideal. Fearing a double layer of fabric for improved thermal insulation and to block out light from outside, they allow you to keep your cabin cosy in winter and cool in summer, and they stop you from being woken up too early in the mornings by the sun. Thermal window screens are another good option.

Make sure your sleeping gear is up to scratch

A lumpy, unsupportive mattress or a duvet that’s seen better days can stop you from getting a good night’s shuteye, so it’s worthwhile getting some decent sleeping gear for your camper. Memory foam mattresses can work well. These sleeping platforms provide impressive support and they can be cut to size to fit perfectly in your van. Make sure you have enough pillows with you too. If you’re worried about them taking up too much room, consider getting compact compressible designs. Meanwhile, when you’re picking out a duvet or sleeping bag, go for one that’s suitable for the season you’re travelling in.

Don't forget the entertainment

Even if you plan to spend as much time as possible exploring your surroundings, there are bound to be occasions when you just want to chill out in your van. Whether you’re relaxing after sundown or taking shelter from a downpour, it’s good to have some in-camper entertainment to keep you occupied. This could be anything from books and board games to your favourite tech. If you’re taking gadgets such as tablets with you, make sure you pack your charging wires too - and to keep your cabin nice and tidy, it’s useful to take a cable organiser.

Making an effort to improve your camper in these simple but important ways will help ensure you get the most from your upcoming trip.