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Livs design comes to life with Petplan Equine!

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Back when I decided to start blogging, I could never have imagined some of the wonderful opportunities that would come my way.

Right up there was a few weeks ago when Petplan got in touch and asked if Liv would like design her very own dream horse to be made into a unique stuffed toy for her!

Liv is a huge animal lover, to the extent that she tells everyone she is going to be the Queen of animals when she grows up! This will entail living in a pink castle full of cats and looking after the needs of all the animals in the world. I imagine she will be quite busy, I hope she makes time to visit us regularly!

Anyone that knows Livs is very aware of her obsession with My a Little Pony and will guess immediately the next question I had to ask - Is it ok if this dream horse also has a horn and wings? With the reply “Of course - anything goes!” We signed up immediately!

Liv emptied out her pencil case and got to work straight away. 

Three drafts later she finally had an outline she was happy with and began the next stage - colouring! 

A little while later she proudly presented me with her finished drawing, a beautiful alicorn (unicorn with wings)

As you can see she has her very own cutie mark just like the My Little Pony characters she has adored for so long. The cutie mark is made up of a heart because she loves and looks after her friends, how adorable!

We sent the design off and waited to see what it was made into, let me tell you it was worth the wait!

Liv couldn’t wait to open the beautiful silky bag it was delivered in and became quite 
emotional when she saw inside.

The likeness in uncanny and the detail that has been copied from the design to the toy is quite extraordinary. Obviously it is completely out of scale and wonky to say the least, but absolutely unique and magical that your Child’s imaginations can be brought to life.

Ali the alicorn has quickly become Livs best friend. Her old sleep partners have been ditched and Ali gets tucked up in bed when Liv heads off to school. She absolutely adores her and takes great pride telling everyone that she designed her and no one else in the world has one the same.

The quality is excellent too, not a loose thread in sight. I was also pleased it is made from a soft fleece type material as it will wipe or wash well when it’s inevitably dropped in a puddle or dunked in some dinner.

I really hope Livs love of animals continues throughout her life. There is nothing like a loving pet getting all excited to see you! Our 7 month old pup is a joy to see every morning, her little bottom wags along with her tail when she spots us, she has us all firmly under her spell!

Of course if you are lucky enough to own your very own horse or pony, you should make sure you are covered for any accidents or costly illnesses with horse insurance from Petplan Equine  Pets become part of our families and as such need looking after in the same way, don’t get caught having to think about money should the worst happen.

What pets do you have?

This post was made possible by Petplan Equine, however all thoughts are my own.