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Home adaptations for 2019

Thursday 8 November 2018

As regular readers will know, I was quite poorly last year and practically bed ridden for a lot of it. After being misdiagnosed twice and given pain relief gel instead of the treatment required, I ended up in hospital with terrible cellulitis and related complications in my leg.

Since then it has flared up numerous times and has been confirmed recently - during another hospital stay - that I have sustained permanent nerve damage.

While this is far from ideal and has affected my day to day life hugely, I am glad not to be in pain with it like I was. I have never before experienced pain so severe that I couldn't even think straight. It was nothing short of horrendous if i'm honest.

I also suffer with a pain condition called Fibromyalgia which made it even more awful unfortunately. However as I say I am thankful not to be completely debilitated by it at the moment.

However, now I have been told the damage done is irreversible, we have come to the conclusion that we will have to make some home adaptions next year to make things easier.

For example we have a large drop from our bottom stair to the hall floor which sometimes knocks me off balance, luckily a builder friend has assured that this is quite easy to rectify by adding another half stair onto the hall floor.

A big one however is our bath. We have a very large, very deep bath which I now struggle to get in and out of easily, due to the mobility of my bad leg and having poor balance on bad days. 

After looking through the options of walk in baths and wet rooms etc, we are looking at the possibility of installing a rather lovely walk in shower for safety and ease of use.

As well as being functional with a fold away shower seat and grab rails for total safety, it will still look perfect in our modern bathroom. A big plus for me on the above style is the brushed satin finish on the screens and doors. Having had polished metals before, I find they are a lot harder to keep clean and fingerprint free than brushed metal.

With glazing finishes available in clear or frosted options and shower curtains available too, you can customize almost everything to suit not only your needs but style too. For added safety the panels have a shatterproof glazing too, they really have thought of everything.

Do you have any other tips that may help me around the house? Any advice would be most welcome.