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The Presents New Mums Really Want

Monday 1 October 2018

From baby clothes and toys to photo frames, there are plenty of thoughtful gifts out there to celebrate a new arrival. But if you want to treat a mum to something she’s guaranteed to really want, where should you start? Keep reading for present ideas that are bound to tick the right boxes.

Nappy cakes

For such small things, it’s amazing how many nappies new babies go through - so parents can never have too many of these essentials. Rather than simply handing over a regular pack of nappies - which, let’s face it, would be distinctly lacking in wow factor - why not give your loved one a carefully crafted nappy cake? Designed to look like delicious baked confections, these presents feature disposable nappies and other baby must-haves such as socks and muslin squares. You can take your pick from a selection of different nappy cakes from BabyBlooms and other specialist retailers.

A keepsake book

Before the birth, parents tend to race around making sure they have all the practical things they’ll need for the new additions to their families - and so sentimental purchases often take a back seat. Given that the first months and years of the baby’s life will probably pass by in a blur, a great idea for a gift is a beautiful keepsake book that mum can record all those important milestones in. From birthdays to first steps, this book will hold treasured memories that all the family can revisit year after year.

Pampering sets

It’s no secret that pregnancy and labour can take its toll on mums, and then there are all those sleepless nights to contend with. So, what better present to give to your loved one than a luxurious pampering set? Spoil her with everything from hand creams and body moisturisers to cuticle and nail balms and lip salves. You can also get sets with soothing bath soaks and a variety of other treats in. Having the chance to spend even just a little time relaxing and looking after herself should help mum to start feeling human again.

Home-cooked meals

Proper nutrition is a must for new mums, but finding the time to prepare tasty, healthy and comforting meals can be impossible. So, one way to show you care is to get busy in the kitchen and rustle up some delicious food. For example, you could box up a week’s worth of home-cooked meals - and why not throw in a selection of healthy snacks to help keep mum going too? She’s bound to appreciate the effort and thought you’ve gone to.

A TV or film subscription

The chances are, there’ll be long periods of time when mum is at home on her own with the baby, so another thoughtful present is a TV or film subscription. For example, you could arrange for an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription so she’s got plenty to watch and keep her entertained for those potentially lonely hours. Or, if your loved one’s more of a reader, perhaps a gift voucher she can use to buy books on her e-reader would be better.

The key to choosing a present that a new mum really wants is to try to put yourself in her position and think what she might miss or need. If you’ve not had kids yourself, you could ask someone who has for their suggestions.