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Joules Dog bed review.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Regular readers will have seen our King Charles Spaniel "Charlie" (imaginative I know!) appear in a few posts and even photo bombing a few pictures of Liv.

He was asked to review a Dog bed from joules.com recently and agreed wholeheartedly! He was sent the Joules Pheasant square dog bed in a size medium which measures 69cms long x 53cms wide x 16cms high (including the sides) and is priced at - £36.95

What Joules say:

"The Snuggle Bed is a rectangular shaped bed featuring deep filled fibre shoulders for enhanced comfort with drop down front for easy access. The complete bed is fully machine washable and the base cushion is removable, perfect for quick washes. The deep supersoft polyester fibre offers a superbly comfortable bed."   

The bed feels nicely padded and the 100% cotton outer feels tough enough to withstand his digging. It is also machine washable - one of the most important things for us when looking for a Dog bed.

If I am honest I would not have bought this size bed for him had I seen it in the flesh, it is almost half the size of his usual beds so I would definitely recommend checking the measurements first if you are buying online.

As for comfort, Charlie can be quite fussy and has been known to dismiss some beds outright but he didn't even give me time to remove the tags on this bed before climbing in and having a nap! He definitely approves even if he does look a bit squished to us - what do us mere Humans know anyway?!

Disclaimer - we were sent this bed for the purpose of the review, all opinion is my own.


  1. He certainly looks like one comfy dog !! Thats all that matters xx

  2. Bless! So cute! Maybe he feels safe because it's so snug in there :)

  3. awww, your dog is just so cute!!! Me and my husband are thinking about getting a dog soon

  4. it looks a bit small ish, but non the less looks comfy and would suit a smaller size dog