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The day the soft play area won!

Friday 15 November 2013

Today we headed off to a local play area with my Aunty and Cousin Kirsty.

Turkey (as Liv calls her) took her shoes off and threw herself into play time with Liv as she always does, climbing, swimming in the ball pit, going down the slide. You name it and she will give it a go.

Until about 30 minutes in when she suddenly yelled out in pain and froze.

Liv immediately offered to get her sucky (dummy) to make it better bless her! Anyway fast forwards lots of pain, a trip to A & E and an x-ray later, thankfully it turned out to be a bad anklesprain and not a break as initially feared.

When asked by her Nanny what she had been doing today Liv replied simply "I broke Turkey" How cute! It made the patient smile too.

Here she is being looked after at home. 

Get well soon Turkey x