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Clarks toddler shoes - review.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

As soon as Liv started walking at 10 months old we knew we would have trouble with shoes for her, her feet and very wide, she has a high instep and her feet seem to slope inwards if she is wearing unsupportive shoes.

We took her to Clarks for her first pair of shoes and we haven't looked back since, so when I was offered to do a review I jumped at the chance.

 Here you can see the fitting in progress

The lovely sales assistant placed Livs foot into their measuring device, pushed the block down until it touched her toes (this determines the length of the foot) and then she tightened the strap that was over the bridge of Livs foot (this shows the width of the foot) Liv measured in at a huge 7.5 G, the same size as my 5 year old nephew and she is 2.

She immediately began voicing her opinion and telling her Daddy "Pink shoes and bow for Olivia please?" *flutters eyelashes* Although they were very pretty they did not seem a good choice for Autumn/Winter shoes so we decided on her first pair of big Girl black patent shoes with light up heels - super cute!

We also bought some patent leather restorer which I think is genius!

It is basically liquid patent leather in a bottle that you can paint back on to the shoes once they are scuffed, I wish this had been around when I was in school because I was always getting into trouble for scuffing my patent shoes!

I would always recommend Clarks for little ones shoes, it is so important that they have correctly fitted shoes while there little feet are growing, personally I would not take Liv anywhere else.

Disclaimer - we were sent a Clarks voucher for the purpose of the review, however all photographs and opinion are my own.