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Livs treasures

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Liv has always had a thing for jewellery, she takes great interest in what jewellery people wear and as a result has built up quite a collection of play and real jewellery.

This is how she ate her lunch today


She has some pieces of Clogau (Welsh gold) that I am really jealous of!

 My lovely Nana, who has since passed away, bought Liv a beautiful Christening bangle

My parents got her this locket, also for her Christening.
With the money she had for her Christening we bought her this bracelet.
She also had a Cross that she wore on her Christening day from her Godparents

They are all tucked safely away until she is big enough and responsible enough to look after them.

Do you have anything put away for your little ones or something that was put away for you?