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Livs Birth Story

Wednesday 10 October 2012

A due date is a funny thing, you count down and look forward to the day, then . . . . . . . . . . . .  NOTHING, well apart from a sweep off the lovely Midwife ;)

So,after two sweeps, a hot curry, several long walks and hours upon hours spent on my birthing ball,  nothing was happening.

Overdue Pregnancy - the ONLY time a day feels like a week!

I was booked to go in 10 days overdue to be induced but being the drama Queen she is, Liv decided to stop moving the night before, we tried the iced water, orange juice tricks etc but she would not move, so I phoned labour ward who asked us to go in immediately, panic stations!

We grabbed the bags and phoned my step dad to take us, on arriving I was hooked up to a monitor, within 3 seconds, little Miss did one of those great big flip flop turn overs that move all of your organs when you are that far along, yuk!! But BOY was I glad to feel it!!!

While I was there the midwife did another sweep and sent us home.

I started having mild contractions a couple of hours later, no pattern and to be honest I thought they were more Braxton Hicks, until they started getting stronger and stronger, there was no pattern and they weren't really painful at that point so I went in at 9pm the following evening as planned, ready to be induced.

Upon arrival I was hooked up to a monitor where the midwife said ooh you are having contractions, can you feel them? WHO doesn't feel contractions?!?!

So I didn't need the pessary but had to be kept in and my Husband was sent home which I really wasn't happy about.

The contractions got stronger and closer all night, but as I wasn't on labour ward the only pain relief they could offer was paracetamol which I didn't even bother with, although I did spend half of the night in the bath!

Barry arrived next morning and I was examined, 24 hours at home and 13 hours in hospital and I was only 3cm! Devastated!

I was then taken to a labour room where my waters were broken and I was hooked up to Pitocin to speed up my contractions to 5 in 10 minutes (great fun!), I was so so tired, I would feel myself almost dropping to sleep for a few seconds then another one would build, grab gas and air and breathe . . . .

Loooong story short I was checked around 5pm and I was 5cm and fully effaced, over half way said the midwife happily!

Around 10pm that night I was checked by a consultant and I was still 5cm, he said they could give me another 4-5 hours to see if anything happened but he didn't think it was likely.

During the pregnancy we had our own Doppler for peace of mind after our loss, so I knew Livs heart rate averaged around 160, the monitor I was hooked up to said it was 119, I really really didn't want any intervention in the birth but I just looked to Barry and said I think we should just do it now, he agreed so after he was dressed in his scrubs and I was prepped and given my spinal, the surgeons got to work and suddenly there she was, kicking and screaming in all her glory, pausing only to turn her head and look around the theatre at every person present!

Barry held her and put her next to my face so I could give her a kiss, I was so happy she was here and safe!

Almost immediately my jaw tightened and kept moving of its own accord, my arms were jumping and flipping up and down uncontrollably and I was breathing in short gasps, that was very scary, lying there being operated on, I thought the worst and couldn't take my eyes of my beautiful Liv as I honestly thought it was going to be the only time I saw her. Two of the nurses held my arms and told me I was in shock, to concentracte on regulating my breathing and I would be fine.

When it finally did, and I was all stitched up they popped Liv up my gown for our first cuddle, that was without a doubt the most amazing moment of my life.

Now that little baby is a fiesty, fiery, intelligent, beautiful 1 year old who I love more than I ever thought possible, oh how your life changes in that one special moment.