Sharing the Stokke Tripp Trapp® love.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Regular readers or followers of my Facebook page will be familiar with photographs of Liv in her Stokke Xplory.

I rave about it at any given opportunity and drive my Family and Friends mad with talk of Winter/Summer kits and sheepskin liners. Little Miss adores it too, who wouldn't though? I would love to be pushed around in such style!

What I haven't mentioned yet is that we also have another Stokke product, a truly amazing chair called a Tripp Trapp®. The same one that The Daily Mail revealed Prince George has been using during the recent Royal trip.

We came across this chair after Liv spent months pushing her feet up into the table or the underneath of her highchair tray. I realised she was trying to rest her feet on something, so I started to research chairs with footrests. That is when I came across the Tripp Trapp®. The seat and foot plates are fully adjustable, meaning it is easy to be at the perfect height for your table and also for Children to have their feet on a solid surface. This is a very big plus for me, at two and a half, Livs choices would be an adult sized dining chair of a booster seat, neither of which would have her at the correct height for the table, but most importantly with nowhere to rest her feet. Imagine having to sit throughout a whole meal with your legs dangling uncomfortably in mid air, unable to shift your weight or position because your feet aren't touching a firm surface, not a nice thought

What is even more brilliant about this particular chair is that it is suitable from Newborn (with an additional attachment) right through to Adulthood. It's also pretty much identical to its original 1972 design. 

Copyright Stokke-permission granted to use this image.

A quote from the Designer - Peter Opsvik.

“In 1972 the only sitting devices for children from the age of two onwards were special, low chairs, or ordinary chairs designed and intended for grown-ups. My objective was that one chair should seat persons of all sizes in a natural way at the same table. My hope was that this would make sitting at the table more enjoyable and make activities easier to perform there.”

We bought ours second hand around a year ago now, it is a bit battered and bruised but is still completely solid and has plenty of life left in it. After being pushed down the list numerous times, the time has finally come to fix it up. I am all prepared with sandpaper, primer, paint and varnish and I am genuinely excited to get started! We can't wait to see the finished piece.

Here is our Tripp Trapp® as it looks now. 

Watch this space for the finished chair and how we did it.