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Livs teething nightmare - our hospital visit.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

I honestly had no idea that some Children suffer so badly when teething. Every single time Liv gets a new tooth, her immune system seems to pack a bag and head for the hills leaving my Baby to get a virus/infection.

This time however she has cut four canines all at once, has refused to eat or drink, had a temperature of 38.5 but worst of all her gums are so swollen and red that they keep bleeding and she even had a blood clot/blister type thing. Three trips to the GP's and three diagnoses later (Viral infection, Tonsillitis and a gum infection) the 4th Doctor we saw was quite rightly concerned and sent us directly to Children's ward at the local hospital.

The Doctors there began asking lots of terrifying questions and said depending on the results she may need to stay in, gulp.

6 hours and numerous tests later her blood results showed that she did have an infection and she also had some terrible sores come up on her face.

She was allowed to come home with some antibiotics and cream for her face and fingers crossed she seems to be getting better.

My big strong Girl who is off the chart for a 20 month old in height and wears clothes for a 3 year old, looked so tiny lying in that hospital bed with her poorly bleeding mouth, I would have swapped places with her in a split second.

The worst part of all is she has four more teeth left to cut, the worst ones so I am told, REALLY not looking forward to that.