Give the Kids Something Different This Birthday

Friday, 4 August 2017

Struggling to find the perfect birthday present this year? 

Why not try something they can’t break after a few days? 

Something which won’t leave them glued to a screen or keep them cooped up indoors all day. 

Remember the days, when playing outside in the garden or at the local park was our escape? The thing we would wait all day for until we finished school. 

Give your kid that same experience which they won’t forget, one they will be telling their kids about one day. 

Ticket to an event

Does your child enjoy listening to music?  Singing along to their favourite song? How about giving your child their first real experience at a concert, a play or a show? 
Let their love for music/dance/performing grow; watch them find inspiration by the uplifting atmosphere, you can find out who’s on tour by visiting sites like Ticketmaster.

Magazine subscriptions

Why not give your child a monthly subscription to their favourite magazine? Allow them to learn more about their favourite hobby, whether it’s an interest in cars or a particular sport etc. Give them the excitement of receiving an envelope with their name on every month, allowing them to feel grown up. 


Does your child dream of being the next Olympic athlete? How about the future winner of the Grand National? Or how about the next famous Popstar? Classes in skills such as horse riding, singing and dancing give your child the opportunity to improve their ability and become the best they can be. Allow them to feel part of something, enabling them to build friendships which will last a lifetime. 

Musical Instruments

Why not a piano to go with those piano lessons you bought at Christmas? Or a guitar, or a set of drums? Encourage your little one to practice each week and improve their skill. Let them express themselves in a different way, one which they can go to school the next day and show off their improved skill. 

A Piggy bank

Receiving a piggy bank gives your child a sense of independence and responsibility in learning to save and manage money. Why not let your children choose a toy which they have to pay for, encouraging them to save up for it? This gives them a chance to feel like a grown up and may benefit them in future.


Why not something which could last the whole year. Does your little one share the same dream as most other kids? To have their own Gorilla? Tiger? Giraffe? Or maybe an Elephant, Rhino or Cheetah? The different Adoptions packages which The Aspinall Foundation offers include unlimited entry to Howletts Wildlife Park or Port Lympne Safari Park. 

Your child has the option to visit their beloved animal at any time throughout the month or the year dependant on the package. 

Day out

How about a day out, doing an activity they’ll love? The options are endless, for example, swimming, bowling, skating, have a picnic at the park or go on a bike ride. Being able to create great memories which will be remembered as ‘the best day ever’.