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7 Things to consider for first-time homeowners decorating their homes

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Decorating your first home? Then we’ve put together our 7 top tips to help you, from discovering the artist within you to making the most of the inexpensive solutions available. You’ll soon have your new property feeling like a home. Here are some hints and tips on how to go about it

1) Incredible paint effects 

Take a leaf out of the book of Jocasta Innes and rediscover traditional painting techniques to introduce some unique style into your home. In her book Paint MagicJocasta re-introduced painting techniques such as marbling, stippling, stencilling and rag-rolling to the British public. So why don’t you have a go? It’s amazing the effect that a fresh lick of paint can have on a room. So get out your paint brushes and get to it. If you want to make a small room seem larger, then stick to pale colours and use paint with light reflective qualities toenhance the light levels in the room. It will help give your home a fresh new look and make it look brighter and bigger to boot. 

2) Statement furniture

Put a personal stamp on your home with a few pieces of statement furniture. Invest in furniture that is well crafted and will serve you for a long time to come. Shop around online to buy furniture directly from the manufacturers, so that you save by cutting out the middleman. That way you’ll get better quality for your budget and save the pennies and pounds.Look closely for the signs of a well-made piece of furniture from dovetail joints to wooden corner blocks and avoid those pieces that primarily utilise staples, glue and nails. 

3) Think vintage

Vintage style has been a firm favourite with interior designers for a long time now, and it’s an easy way to inject some personality into your interior design scheme. Scout around your local charity shops, auction rooms and car boot sales to find a few choice bargains. Don’t stick rigidly to one era. Have fun creating a pick ‘n’ mix of different styles to introduce a unique personal style into your home. If you’re looking for a focal point for a room, vintage finds can be the perfect means to achieve this.
If you’re working to a small budget to decorate your first home, then don’t forget to check out the freecycle network: www.freecycle.orgIt’s a community-based initiative that’sentirely non-profit making. Here, you could find a pre-loved pieced of furniture that needs a new home and stop it going to landfill. With people regularly updating their soft furnishings, living room suites and kitchens, you never know what nearly-new treasures you might find, so log on to find out.  

4) Making over your kitchen

Making over your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to shell out for an entirely new fitted kitchen, as that’s not the case. You can give your kitchen a fresh new look simply by giving it a new coat of paint or putting new doors on your cabinets. In fact, you don’t even need to do the latter, with specialist paint and colourful vinyl available to update a tired-looking kitchen. Have a go at some DIY jobs like tiling, there’s lots of advice available online from Wikihow to YouTube.        

5) Architectural salvage

Architectural salvage yards can be the perfect place to find an unusual feature for your new home or garden. Don’t just take things at face value, think about how you could reuse or repurpose objects and give them a new life. Old sinks and chimney pots have long been repurposed as eye-catching garden features, while vintage industrial paving could be reused to create the hard landscaping features in your garden. What’s more architectural salvage yards often come up trumps with striking features for inside your home from stained glass inserts for your windows to old sewing machine bases to repurpose as tables.

6) Discover your inner artist 

Discover the artist in you and get creative while decorating your new home. Whether it is fabric, painting, woodwork or ceramics that interests you, use your creative talents to make your house a home. Sign up for a local evening class and develop your craft skills. Get to work creating a bright rag rug for your living room, a painting for your wall, a quilt for your bedroom or a statement piece of ceramics to give the wow factor in your home. Consider reupholstering your vintage and charity shops finds to give them a new look. The sky’s the limit, so let’s get started.         

7) Light fantastic

Optimise the light levels in your new home by introducing mirrors and glassAgain mirrors 
are something you can pick up for a song in your local charity shop, but there are also lots of chic, inexpensive examples available in high street shops too. Consider creating a gallery effect with lots of smaller mirrors clustered together on one wall. Also, think about introducing glass tiles or light fittings with cut-glass elements that will reflect light around your home. 

So there you have our seven top tips for decorating your first home - we hope it’s got your creative juices racing and that you’ll soon have your new home decorated.