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Chic tips for improving your home’s storage space.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Whilst we can all argue for hours about colour schemes and aesthetic touches, when it comes to storage space, most of us will agree that it needs to be efficient, discreet and tasteful.

Whether you’re into the retro Victoriana stylings, or the most modernist design ideas, issues of storing media, clothing and blankets can often pose a bit of a puzzle.

Thankfully there are some failsafe options from super king size ottoman beds to chic cube stools that can help tackle this issue without ruining the look of your interior space.

Although many homes have moved into the digital era, most of us will still be stuck with the issue of how to store a wide variety of books, DVDS and video games. But rather than relying on the standard pine bookcase, why not check out some of these innovative bookcase ideas that can make such media an essential part of the decor - particularly if you colour-code the spines!

Such an idea can also be applied to storing clothes. For those of us who are still saving up for that coveted walk-in wardrobe, then why not make certain clothes a central part of the bedroom with a sleek metal clothes rack that not only maximises space, but makes getting dressed-up a lot more convenient too!

However, there remain certain items that lack the aesthetic appeal to form a central part of the room decor. All of those surplus winter blankets should definitely be packed away in the summer months, and with so much storage space available in Bedstar’s super king size ottoman beds, it’s a failsafe way to keep everything nice and tidy for the arrival of the colder months - plus they’ll give you a much more luxurious sleeping experience too!

The great thing about beds like this is that they provide an example of the way in which multi-functional furniture can perform a variety of functions whilst saving space. Whether it’s a sofa-bed, or an extendable dining table, there’s been plenty of innovation around to help us all maximise our interior space.

But few space saving solutions are as cute as these multi-purpose footstools that show that it’s not just super king size ottoman beds that can store a wide range of items whilst retaining the design flair of your home!

My top spring cleaning tools.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

So all be it a little late, we have just finished our big spring clean for this year, so I thought I would do a quick post about the best tips and tools that we used.


Our best purchase this year has been the Karcher jet wash. We have a small cement yard that is shielded from the sun so it turns green and mossy very easily. 

This year we decided it was time to get a really good jet wash to make the job of removing it easier - it worked! It came off far easier than usual and my Husband was happy he has a new toy!


I am a huge fan of shake n vac! It refreshes your carpets and gives your house a lovely fresh smell, however you have to make sure you have a really powerful cleaner to to ensure it is all removed, otherwise a build up will start in your carpets. 

We recommend a Dyson vacuum for power, here is our Dyson small ball, it is perfect for the job, smaller and lighter than the other ball Dysons so perfect for stair carpets. We couldn't be without ours.


Next up is a steam mop for the wooden floors downstairs. We find that a regular mop wets the floor far too much, which in the long run would cause a lot of damage, however the steam mop cleans the floor perfectly and all without the use of any chemicals.


For sparkling clean windows we first clean the panes with a spray on glass cleaner, scrub clean with a car washing sponge and for the finishing touch, we dry it all off streak free with the wonderful invention that is the window vacuum!

Liv would be very disappointed if her sticky decorations were placed on dirty windows!


What are your top cleaning tips and tools? 

Male Hair Loss and how to help deal with it.

Although my husband has not suffered any hair loss to date, it is a sensitive topic for many men and one that has affected some of our friends to a much greater degree recently.

With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the options currently available to men who suffer from male pattern baldness in the UK, and publish the results of this research on my blog. This isn’t by any means a scientific analysis of course, just some information that I have collected and wanted to share with you, my online friends.


Are There Any Really Effective Solutions?


In the past, a wig was the only real solution to hide male pattern baldness and the quality of wigs on offer was variable to say the least. Thankfully, for men who suffer from this condition today, the quality of wigs on sale has improved considerably and there are even a couple of non-invasive treatments available that have been shown to be effective at stopping, and in some cases reversing, the process of hair loss in older males.


According to stories in the news, up to 50% of men will suffer male pattern baldness at some stage in their lives, which is why the solutions listed below have attracted so much attention in recent years.


• Rogaine – The foams and lotions bearing this brand name have one thing in common: minoxidil. This antihypertensive vasodilator can promote hair growth in both men and women but not in all cases unfortunately. Around 40% to 50% of men find it to be an effective solution, depending on which clinical trials and publications you believe. It must be applied to the affected area twice daily and takes from 3-6 months to produce results.


• Propecia – Formulated by the pharmaceutical giant Merck Sharpe and Dohme, the active ingredient of this product, which comes in tablet form and is taken orally, is finasteride. It can be purchased online with a prescription and is believed to be effective in up to 80% of cases of male pattern baldness. If you or your partner is not keen on approaching your GP about this issue, you can obtain a prescription on the Internet, from medical professionals such as a Lloyds Pharmacy online doctor. The fact that the whole process of prescribing and purchasing can be completed online makes it a particularly attractive option.


• Wigs – As I mentioned above, the quality of wigs for men that are on sale today is far higher in general than was the case just 10 or 20 years ago. For men who do not want to take pharmaceutical products or apply a lotion to their scalp every day of their lives, a good quality wig is a viable alternative.


Whichever option you or your partner chooses, I sincerely hope that you are happy with the results and would love to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have already tried any of these solutions for male pattern baldness.

Holiday clothes shopping.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Yes it's that time of year again, School is almost over and most people are starting to prepare for their much anticipated Summer holiday!

This time last year we were excitedly heading off to the beautiful Dominican Republic with my Parents Aunt, Uncle and 2 Cousins ready to celebrate my 30th Birthday, now I see few days I turn 31 and we genuinely can't believe how quickly that year has passed us by. All the more reason to make lots of happy memories all over again!

In just a few short weeks we are heading off to a Haven resort with a huge party of our Family, 6 Children and 11 Adults to be exact. With lots a fun to be had on site, I have only stocked up on a few  beach games in the hope that the weather will be necessary enough for a few beach days.

I have bought some bats and soft balls, hoopla hoops, scatch velcro gloves and balls, frisbees and super fun giant beach ball.

Next on the list is toiletries and sun cream (we can hope!) then the fun part, holiday clothes all round!

As you can see, Liv is our little style icon, seen here wearing her bandana and Trespass sunglasses while in the Dominican Republic, she is the complete opposite of me and loves anything pink and the more Girly the better! 

Although having said that, I have really surprised myself by falling in love with this beautiful maxi dress from my favourite place to shop - LovetheSales.com 

This beautiful dress from the Simply Be sale is reduced from £55 to £44 and is available in a range of plus sizes too which is perfect for me. Even my Husband can't complain about this purchase!

With all the sale items you could possibly want, Love the Sales is the first place I look when clothes shopping, after all who doesn't like to save money on the latest fashion?

Wherever you are off on holiday this year, dress well for less.

* Happy holiday shopping everyone! *