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5 Cleaning Hacks for the Busy Family Home

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Keeping a family home clean is no easy feat. In fact, it’s pretty darn difficult. 

Whether you’ve got young children or a house full of teens, your home is bound to get untidy. Keeping on top of the mess is half of the battle; but there are ways to minimise the struggle. Use these cleaning hacks to make your life a little easier next time it’s time for a clean.

Use duct tape on pet hair

As you may know, pet hairs get everywhere. There’s no escaping them sometimes, and they can be a nightmare to clean up. Even with the strongest vacuum cleaners, pet hair can appear to be unfazed. 

To pick up pet hairs with ease, all you need is a roll of duct tape and a paint roller. Wrap the duct tape around the roller, with the sticky side facing outwards.

All you have to do then is roll it over the pet hair and you’ll see it being picked up with no issues at all! This works perfectly on couches and car seats. 

Bake using foil

This is more of a preventative measure, but once you try it you might never go back! 

Cleaning food residue from baking trays is one of the worst parts of cooking. By covering trays in tin foil, you can simply dispose of the foil once the food is cooked. 

Whilst you might find yourself going through more rolls of foil, the time you’ll save can be significant enough to make it worthwhile. 

Use lemon to clean your chopping board

The importance of keeping you chopping board clean and bacteria-free cannot be understated; especially if yours is wooden. 

By using generic cleaning products, you can be accidentally leaving chemical traces all over your food preparation area. 

For a more organic solution, cover your chopping board in kosher salt and then chop a lemon in half. Rub the inside of the lemon over the chopping board, which will disinfect the surface and leave it perfectly clean for the next time it’s used.

Organic microwave cleaning

A well-used microwave can soon see a build-up of dirt and spills. For an effective cleaner, fill a jug hallway with boiling water and add a slice of lemon. 

Put the jug in the microwave and set it going for 30 seconds. This will let the steam cover the inside of the microwave, which you can then wipe away to reveal a good-as-new looking microwave!

Ditch the carpets

Carpets can easily become the biggest headache in your home. Not only do they collect dust and dirt, but they’re also incredibly susceptible to staining. You could spend hundreds on new carpets, only for them to be ruined with one clumsy spillage. 

Getting rid of your carpets will also prevent allergies from flaring up; especially as we move into summer. Replacing your carpets with wood or laminate flooring makes maintenance much easier, and small spillages wipe straight off. 

What other home cleaning hacks have you got?

Family time, holidays and weddings!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Sicily is one of the great holiday destinations for families.

It offers some of the best sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, magnificent coves and bays, breathtaking coral reefs, a diversity of flora and fauna, and some of the worlds best landscapes. Thus, it is not surprising that it was called “Jewel of the Mediterranean” by the ancients.

That is why some Friends of ours have decided to get married there this Summer. With a "Garden party" theme I have been searching for an outfit for Liv to wear and have found the sweetest designer dress from OD's Designer Clothing! 

How adorable is that? 

We are so excited to experience the wonderful places that the Sicilian coast has to offers.

We have been advised that counter clockwise from Palermo, we will find Mondello’s sandy beach which has always been a favourite destination of people from the capital. It can be a bit crowded in peak season, so it is best to visit between September and June. Moving west, you can also find the sandy beach of Castellammare del Golfo which begins from Scopello and LoZingaro Nature Reserve offering scenic views, beautiful coastal walks, clear waters, and a series of pebbly coves - sounds idyllic!

Traveling further west we are hoping to visis the long sandy beach of SanVito Lo Capo, arguably the best in Sicily which is popular to both tourists and locals of Trapani.

Further down the coast to the south-eastern most tip of Sicily is an endless spread of more sandy beaches from Scoglitti to Marina di Modica. Then the southern-most point of Sicily is the Isola delle Corenti that offers a very African vibe. 

You can even watch migrating flamingos and nesting turtles by heading further just around the point at the Vendicari Nature Reserve.

Have you ever been? Any more tips would be most welcome!

Will I always regret refusing braces as a Teen?

Way back when I was 14 it was recommended I have a brace fitted on my top teeth to bring down my left canine. As you can see it is quite obviously higher than all of my other teeth because it grew through while my baby tooth was still firmly in place.

I steadfastly refused as I didn't want to wear a bulky brace and be made fun of, all for one tooth! I can live with that I told myself!

However the older I've got the more it bothers me, I'm quite conscious of it when I smile and subconsciously find my head slightly turned to the left in most pictures.

Needless to say I wish I had agreed to have them back then and got it out of the way when I was younger easy to say now I'm not a a Teenager in secondary school!

As we are thinking of heading to London for my Birthday later in the year, I thought I would do some research on alternatives.

While I am still not keen on the idea of a brace, I am open to other cosmetic dentistry options. I have been more and more conscious of it lately so while browsing what is available I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Harley Street Smile Clinic.

It was only then that I realized options like gum sculpting and porcelain veneers could both work better than braces. I am particularly keen to find out more about porcelain veneers because it is described as a quick dental procedure to help you get straight teeth (without having to wear braces) I would also be interested to hear about gum sculpting as I have a particularly gummy smile too!

With you only having to attend what is described as two pain free approximately 90 minute long appointments, I am hoping to finally have a dazzling smile to be proud of!

After all what better gift could I have than a bit more confidence and a nice straight smile!?