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Modernising our tiny kitchen.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Back in 2006, after 2 years together, Barry and I took the plunge and contacted AFL Wealth Management to see if we could get a mortgage. After a meeting with a helpful Financial Advisor we finally got the green light - exciting times!

After contacting some local estate agents p, we quickly realised there really wasn't a lot available in our local area, so we knew we were going to have to sacrifice some aspect of our "dream house" in order to stay in the village we both grew up in.

After viewing for a few weeks, we finally narrowed our viable options down to two.

The first option was a lovely two bed terraced house complete with a quirky attic bedroom, newly fitted (albeit super tiny) kitchen. It was decorated in neutral colours throughout, including the carpets and nothing really needed doing before moving in. The only downside we could see was the garden was completely separate from the house. You literally had to go out of the back door, walk 2 minutes until you came to a big patch of grass separated into sections by chain link fencing. No privacy at all and unsurprisingly the majority of them where over grown and generally not looked after. Not ideal at all.

The second was again a two bed terrace, slightly bigger than the first - even the kitchen! Also decorated neutrally throughout with lovely flooring and a small, attached back yard - bonus!

This is where the fun started, Barry liked the first house purely because of the quirky bedroom, while I argued that as we wanted a Dog and a Family someday, not only would the attached yard be better but also the wooden flooring.

Of course he finally saw sense and I won the debate! We placed an offer and bought a house! We still live in the same house now and I must say it has served us well.

Over the last few years, a dog and a Daughter later, we have painted, wallpapered, added and taken away many things but one thing that we have never really been happy with is the tiny kitchen. We are under no illusion that extending is an option - we know that is way out of our budget and would also take up the only garden area we have. Instead we would love to start with a blank canvas and design the space ourselves as we honestly believe the space although small could have been utilized in a much better (and modern) way.

After much deliberating we have decided to finally start putting our ideas into action, so I have started spending my evenings scouring the web for modernising and space saving solutions.

Finding ideas is the easy part, making the fit the budget is another story! A cash loan is always an option, we know we can pay it back, it's just getting the lump sum that is difficult, something else always comes up doesn't it? 

Here is my favourite option so far, light and airy - perfect for our tiny kitchen, while not being so modern that it will need redoing in a few years. What do you think? 

If anyone has any experience with maximising a small kitchen I would really appreciate any suggestions or tips.

Happy Easter!