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Five small changes to improve your life.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

We all want to improve our quality of life, but making changes can often be more trouble than they're worth. Here are five quick and easy ways you can improve your life, instantly:

1. Join a new club... alone

As we get older, we often forget the fun we can have trying new things and making new friends. Whether it’s a book club, a weird new sport, or an art class, your life can be dramatically improved by taking the plunge and trying something new. You never know, you might uncover a talent you never knew you had!

If you’re brave enough, resisting bullying a friend into doing it with you can make a huge impact. You might feel nervous and shy at first, but it can allow you to be free to socialise with strangers (just friends you haven’t met yet!) without worrying about leaving someone out. 

2. Keep a diary

It might sound a bit sappy, but it’s been proven that writing down your thoughts and emotions from the day before bed helps you get a good night’s sleep and generally makes you happier. It’s a brilliant way of processing stress and anxiety, and can be a wonderful memento to look back on years later. Every day things that you take for granted now may seem wonderfully quaint or special fifty years in the future!

3. Spend less time in phone queues!

Using Contact Number UK will save your precious time being wasted in phone queues listening to cheesy music. They aim to provide you with a quick way of getting through to all of the UK’s major companies and organizations, ranging from Sky or Amazon, and even HMRC. By using the numbers found on Contact Number UK's site you will be able to start talking with customer service much quicker, leaving you with more time on your hands - who doesn't need that?!

4. Listen to new music

Discovering new artists or even genres can be a wonderful experience. Going outside of your comfort zone and picking a different radio station to have on in the background while you’re de-cluttering your house or cooking dinner is a simple way of broadening your musical knowledge. Good for pub quizzes, great for general happiness. 

5. Move more

It would be lovely if we all had a passion for exercise, but if we’re honest the sofa is kind of better. Even so, gradually increasing exercise into your everyday routine can be an effective way to improve your life and general health. From half an hour copying pilates videos on YouTube, to enthusiastically dancing while doing the hovering (combine number four, perhaps?), just a little extra movement every day can create big changes!