Are you as superstitious as me?

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

One of the major things that changes when you become a parent is not being able to go out socialising as frequently as you once did (also without a pushchair and a suitcase full of essentials for the little one!)

To avoid becoming complete hermits, my Husband and I try to go around to our Brother & Sister in Laws - who also have Children - and sometimes as a treat when Livs gone to bed and I'm feeling lucky, I break out the laptop for a couple of games of online Bingo

It has saved me from some truly brain numbing evenings during football season *yawn* and even though I seem to have more bad luck than good (I must have smashed a mirror or two at some point!) it's still great fun to play and chat.

I haven't had chance to play since we visited the Donkey Sanctuary last month where we bought a lucky donkey shoe - here's hoping it does what it says!

Personally I am more than a little superstitious, my Husband thinks it is hilarious when I panic as he approaches the dining table with new shoes in his hand, yell at him in the street to avoid walking over 3 grids or stop yo salute a single magpie, although I think my Nana must have made up the new shoes one though because no one I know has ever heard of it!

My Nana was one of those hardcore Bingo Ladies who got cross if people were talking or heaven forbid - laughing! How times have changed - thankfully! No need to worry about that in the comfort of your own home!

Do you have any superstitions to avoid bad luck or anything you do/carry for good luck? 

Leave a comment and share I'd love to know!