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How to Freshen Your Kitchen for Spring

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

As the weather slowly gets better and we approach a much brighter and cheerful time of the year, it is worth freshening your home to fully embrace the warmer months. One of the best areas to do this is the kitchen - during the spring, this becomes a crucial part of the home where you will be cooking up a range of fresh and tasty meals for family and friends and possibly socialising whilst you do so.

Here are a few ways to embrace the spring in your kitchen, all of which are about adding colour and making it a fresh, airy and light place to be.

Deep Clean

The first way to freshen this area of the home is a deep clean. This will involve cleaning out all of the cabinets and throwing away anything that you no longer need (you should also do this in the fridge and freezer). All the surfaces should also be cleaned and cleared. This will improve the look, feel and also the smell of the kitchen.

Replace Blinds

The summer is all about warmth and fresh air. Embrace this by getting new roller blinds that make it very quick and easy to allow in plenty of natural light and fresh air - this will make an enormous difference to the space. You should also select a bright colour to add to the light, airy feel that you want. For the widest selection, you should shop at specialists, such as Direct Blinds.

Kitchen Garden

It is dangerous to have your kitchen filled with plants, but if you have a large enough windowsill then you could add some colour and life with a small herb garden. This will also come in handy whilst cooking, as you can simply grab a few herbs whilst you make your dish. Herbs also add a wonderful fresh aroma that will make the kitchen an inviting area.

Replace the Lighting

The lights are often an overlooked element in the kitchen, but they play an enormous role in how the space looks. When used correctly they can brighten the space and accentuate certain areas. Consider replacing your current lighting with something more modern - pendant lighting is a popular choice for kitchens.

Counter Stools

If space permits, some counter stools are a great way to freshen the kitchen. They add colour, but
more importantly, it encourages people to socialise in this area which the cook of the house is sure to appreciate.

These tips will freshen any kitchen and make it a bright, colourful and airy place to be this spring.