Eat Healthier by Growing your Own Fruit and Veg this Summer

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

For anybody wanting to make a positive change in their life, they should consider starting to grow their own fruit and vegetables this summer. In addition to being a fun and extremely rewarding activity, growing your own produce is also a terrific way to save money on you grocery bills, eat a healthier diet and also do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

Getting Started

The advantages of growing your own fruit and veg are clear, yet many people are still hesitant. This could be because they do not know where to begin or perhaps feel that it will be too difficult, but it is actually very easy to get going and before you know it you will be cooking up dishes filled with vegetables that you have nurtured yourself – this makes any meal much tastier.

Picking a Spot

Firstly, you need to pick a patch of grass in your garden which is a few square feet. This should be somewhere that gets plenty of sunshine (where you sunbathe may be a good option). Many plants will also require shelter from the elements and protection from animals, so investing in a protective tunnel is also worthwhile .These are available from specialists like Premier Polytunnels.

Preparing the Ground

You will then need to clear the ground by getting rid of perennial and annual weeds; you can find guides for 
preparing your plot onlineYou will then be all set to start growing your own vegetables. There are many different types that you could consider, with some being easier than others and ideal for first-time growers. 

The Key to Success

The key to success when it comes to growing your own fruit and vegetables is persistence and patience. Produce does not grow overnight and it takes a lot of care,but ultimately it is very rewarding and studies have even shown that it is an activity that brings mental health benefits. This is furthered by getting outside each day where you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

A Healthier Lifestyle

One of the main benefits that growing your own fruit and vegetables bring is that it encourages you to eat a healthier diet. You are much more likely to get your 5 a day and work meals around fruit and veg when you have worked hard to grow it yourself and you do not even have to pop to the store to get it. So consider start growing your own this summer and you will soon be reaping the rewards.