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Stocking Fillers that Won’t Be Re-Gifted

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Each UK household is expected to spend an average of £473.83 on presents this Christmas - significantly more than our European neighbours. So how can you strike the balance of filling the Christmas stockings of your loved ones without breaking the bank?

The best stocking fillers are relatively inexpensive, but personalised enough that they won’t be resigned to the back of a dusty drawer, or added to the pile of presents to be re-gifted.Here’s our guide on how to buy the best stocking fillers for your loved ones. 

For Your Partner

Many people look forward to the abundance of delicious foodduring the festive seasonIf your partner is a foodie, you could put together a hamper of all their favourite nibbles. How about creating all the elements for a festive cheeseboard or if you fancy something a bit different, an antipasto platter? Fill your hamper with relishes and chutneys, fancy crisps, breadsticks, a variety of cheese and cured meats for the perfect festive snacking opportunity.

For Your Friend

You can rarely go wrong with alcoholic miniatures for your friend’s stocking. You’re likely to have shared a few drinkswith your friend on many occasions, so you’ll know their tipple of choice. Go the extra mile and impress them with a personalised miniature from Just Miniatures, where you can include a nice message or a photo.

Another popular gift of choice is a scented candle. It is an affordable stocking filler and there’s plenty of choice for you to pick from. Buy a winter-themed scented candle for your friend’s stocking filler and fill their home with a crisp, fresh scent for the perfect cosy contrast to the harsh elements outdoors.

For Your Kids

Your kids will have spent months on end desperate to open their presents on Christmas Day. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll only be paying attention to their main gift from Santa.

Include some sweets in their stockings - they are inexpensiveand the kids are guaranteed to enjoy them. Also, you could buy some small and interesting toys for them to play with on the morning, or colouring books and felt-tips.

Take the opportunity to slip in some practical presents for them too – a pair of cosy new socks or some snuggly new pyjamas are a great stocking filler.


You don’t have to break the bank when buying stocking-filler presents for your loved ones. Follow our guide to buy presents that are affordable, enjoyable and that won’t be sat gathering dust by the new year.