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My Winter Decorating Tips

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

There’s a long winter ahead and the change of seasons is a great time to change up your décor, so here are some tips for seasonal styles to make your home comfortable and easy on the eyes.

Warm and Cosy

I find that designing a room around warmth is practical as well as appealing. As the winter chill sets in families and guests will naturally draw closer together, so instead of letting half of an open-plan room go unused, draw your furniture together around a focal point of the room like a fireplace or television.

You can also keep blankets around, draped over furniture to provide a nice old world vibe but ready for duty should you need to wrap up warm. Even things that just create an image of warmth can help keep the cold at bay—pillows always liven up a room, and ones covered in creamy faux fur go well with any look or colour scheme, so they make a great accent during the colder months.

Use Colour and Light

Speaking of warmth, one of the best ways to create a cosy, comfortable atmosphere is with warm colours. Dark reds, browns, and oranges can create a feeling of heat even when there’s a blizzard outside, so use them where you can. This means wooden furniture fits quite well into winter décor. They also have the advantage of matching well with the gold, brighter reds, and dark greens of festive decorations if you get your house gussied up for Christmas, so you can use them without fear of any clashes.

These warm colours can even last beyond the season if they’re used in the right places and ways. An overabundance of dark or reddish colours can be a little cloying in hotter weather, but if you use them in a room that gets plenty of sunlight this will open up the room and diminish that effect.

I also find that offsetting these tones with a few cooler colours like whites and silvers can keep a room feeling open without ruining the warm atmosphere for winter. You can get a wide variety of silver Georg Jensen accessories from Skandium to match any look for your home.

If you bear all this in mind your home will be ready for winter, whether that means holiday soirees or quiet nights in with the family.