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My Christmas wish list!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Apparently - according to my Family and Friends - I am THE hardest person to buy gifts for because I never, and I mean never have anything to ask for.

While I absolutely love buying things for other people and hate asking what they want - where is the fun in handing over a gift the other person has chosen?!

People used to buy me gift cards but now they have cottoned on to the fact that I spend them on other people or the house so we are back to them asking what I would like *sigh*

So, this year I have spent weeks trying to come up with ideas.

I have come up with the following:

1) Some new perfume - you can never have enough right?!

2) A new case for storing my make up (my last one broke)

3) Some nice jumpers 

4) A new case for my iPad mini as the one I currently have is on it's last legs.

My lovely Husband always manages to pull off something amazing (that I didn't even know I wanted!)

After almost 10 years years together, I don't think there is one year that I haven't had a piece of beautiful jewellery for Christmas, even some stunning vintage jewellery

Last year he surprised me with an absolutely stunning half carat solitaire Tanzanite ring in 18ct white gold - I was literally in shock for days!

In fact I really hope he doesn't find this list as he does a far better job on his own!