Family time is so precious.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Something we all know but sometimes need reminding to bring to the forefront of our thoughts, is that spending time with Family is very precious and something often taken for granted.

This year alone there have been several Family health scares, just last week while I was laying out her School uniform in her bedroom, Liv climbed onto the toilet cistern and fell from standing onto the tile floor and bath. She couldn't breathe, turned blue and passed out in my arms. 

I can honestly say I have never been more terrified in all of my life. An ambulance ride and 48 hours concussion watch later, she was so very lucky to be given the all clear but my goodness do things like that make you think about how your while world can be turned upside down in a split second.

That's why we have decided that this year Christmas is about spending as much time having fun with Family as possible, because let's face it, all that is left when we are gone are memories.

Speaking of which, on a happier note a large number of us enjoyed a fantastic Family holiday at Haven this Summer.

Back in August myself, my Husband, Liv, my Parents, Mother in Law, Brother & Sister in Law and 5 Nieces and Nephews all headed off for a week of Family fun.

And boy did we!

During the day we enjoyed plenty of fun activities like swimming and beach days.

We also managed to squeeze in some go carting, Mini golf and pedalos - which were all somehow turned in to a competition between my Husband and Brother in Law!

 Thankfully even they couldn't do that with the lovely nature walks.

While at night we took full advantage of the on site arcades, parties, fancy dress, shows, meeting the characters, Bingo for the Adults and even enjoyed a fabulous Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime.

In fact we enjoyed it that much that we have decided to do the same again for 2017!

As much as we loved the Haven we went to this year, we have decided to look around for another site. We all agreed that our favourite free activity was definitely the nature walks, so with that in mind we started to research and discovered that Haven Holidays have put together a handy guide showing where to spot some of the UK’s rarest wildlife From brazen birds and beautiful butterflies, to charming reptiles and magnificent mammals. I honestly didn't know that there are countless rare animals living right here on UK shores!

The favourite so far is Devon Cliffs in Exmouth where the magnificent basking sharks can be spotted. Reaching up to 12m in length they are quite large and have always fascinated me. With their huge mouths, they have quite an intimidating appearance, however they are peaceful plankton eating sharks so we are much safe around them.

How exciting would it be to see them in person!

If you have any recommendations, please let me know where in the comments below.