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5 Great Companies Offering Telecommuting for Full-Time Mums

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

As a full-time mother, your priority is likely to be spending time with your children. With 'mummy-guilt' on the rise and the costs of childcare becoming prohibitively expensive, staying at home is becoming an attractive option. But what if you can't afford not to work?

'Telecommuting' is a popular term for the practice of working in the comfort of your own home. Also known as 'teleworking' and 'remote working', you use your computer, email account and telephone line to earn money without leaving your house.
In busy, industrial cities working from home is far preferable to maneuvering your car through rush hour traffic, arriving at the office stressed and spending hours of the day worrying about the well-being of your children. Usually, all you need to start a telecommuting job is a desktop computer or laptop with a reliable broadband internet connection, a webcam and a headset with earphones and a microphone. Many of the companies offering telecommuting jobs provide full training and if specialist software is needed, they'll usually take care of installing it for you. To find the best telecommuting jobs you can use one of many job search tools like Jobrapido, the easiest way to find jobs in Birmingham, the place where the biggest and most reputable companies in the UK are hiring for telecommuting jobs. Find the complete list below.

1. Amazon
The internet shopping giant often offers 'remote location' jobs, allowing you to work for them even if you don't live near a physical Amazon office or depot.

2. Kaplan
This global education powerhouse offers schooling solutions worldwide and, in these technologically advanced times, also has a number of work-at-home options. If you are a qualified teacher or education specialist, it's worth contacting them. 

3. Apple
One of the world's most recognizable brand names, technology experts Apple employ 'At Home Advisors' to assist their customers with a wide range of queries.

4. Xerox
Originally famous for photocopiers, Xerox now build an extensive range of office hardware. They also pride themselves on their flexible working solutions, including roles in support and product management.

5. WorldTravelHoldings
If travel is your thing, you could be working for WorldTravelHoldings. Wouldn't it be nice to plan vacations from your sofa?

So, no longer do you need to suffer being separated from your children and paying extortionate amounts for childcare. 

Why not look into working from home today?