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Learning to drive at 31.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Is it ever too late to learn? I am 31 now and have never even had a driving lesson.

I got my provisional at 16 and my Dad let me drive his car around an empty car park but ither than that my only experience of cars is as a passenger- even then I am pretty useless, I never pay attention to which route we are taking, I just get in the car and eventually arrive at the destination!

I constantly swing between how much easier it would make our lives (my Husband doesn't drive either) amd if I could actually learn to do it. I often joke that my pregnancy "baby brain" never left but I genuinely don't seem as able to soak things in as easily as when I was Younger.

I know it is the best thing for us and would make a huge difference in things as simple as doing the food shopping, it is an absolute nightmare on the bus and I'm not a huge fan of online shopping as the fresh things are always questionable in my opinion.

Anyway the other bonus would be getting to choose a pretty car - woo hoo!

I have always been told that Peugeots are very reliable cars so after a quick search online I came across Robins and Day who's website have this handy search option which is perfect for novices like me.

I am actually debating getting a car to learn in. I mean if it is sitting outside waiting to be used surely it will spur me on to pass quicker right?

Although going from looks I absolutely love this - it is in my favourite colour too!

How old were you when you started driving lessons and passed your test?