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Is vaping safe around my Child?

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Many moons ago, back when I was just 17. I was surrounded by people smoking - all the time. My Friends, boyfriend and college friends all smoked, and I also worked behind a bar in a local hotel where everyone smoked too. I very stupidly ended up trying it - despite managing not too all through secondary school - and quickly became a smoker.

I smoked around 15 cigarettes a day for the next two and a half years, then when I was 19 I met my now Husband who is a non smoker. After being together for around 6 months, we decided to head off to Bulgaria on holiday - exciting! While we were there I decided to see how long I could go one day without having a cigarette, to my surprise I managed to last all day! So the next day, which also happened to be my 20th Birthday - I decided to quit cold turkey.

My Best Friend and I age 18

It was very hard indeed but believe me when say that the amount of tar I coughed up in the following weeks 100% reinforced that I had made the correct decision, not only for my health but my bank balance too.

Recently there has been a huge rise in people using vaping as a way to quit smoking cigarettes. I have to admit I was very dubious at first, especially as they were legally allowed to be used in places where smoking is not permitted. 

As a Mother now my first concern is obviously Liv. We all know the dangers of second hand smoke and I know I for one will physically remove us from a place/room if someone begins smoking, simply because I don't want her little lungs breathing in all of the pollutants being expelled in the cigarette smoke.

My concern was, what on earth is in these kits that people are freely able to use around my Child? Are they giving out the same level of pollutants? Should I be keeping my Child away from these like I do cigarette smoke?

So I decided to do some research to educate myself on these new gadgets.

It turns out there has been numerous studies performed - after much research I particularly liked "The safety of vaping" click here to read, and also "The safety of vaping" study here.

"Because nothing is actually burning, you are not inhaling any tar or carbon monoxide, or any of the other 4,000 toxic chemicals that have been found in traditional cigarettes"

Quote vapemate.co.uk

The conclusion I made is that no nicotine has been found to be exhaled, and the other ingredients found in the vaping cartridges appear to only be released in minuscule amounts - the equivilant to what is in the air regardless. 

So for people wishing to quit smoking or cut down their nicotine intake, they are undoubtedly a very good idea. However I still wouldn't like Olivia in a room with a lot of people smoking them, maybe as time goes on and longer studies are performed I will change my mind again, who knows! 

One thing I know for sure is I feel confident enough to say I would have tried one to help me 
quit sooner if they had been around ten years ago.

Have you or would you consider vaping to help you quit smoking?