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My top spring cleaning tools.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

So all be it a little late, we have just finished our big spring clean for this year, so I thought I would do a quick post about the best tips and tools that we used.


Our best purchase this year has been the Karcher jet wash. We have a small cement yard that is shielded from the sun so it turns green and mossy very easily. 

This year we decided it was time to get a really good jet wash to make the job of removing it easier - it worked! It came off far easier than usual and my Husband was happy he has a new toy!


I am a huge fan of shake n vac! It refreshes your carpets and gives your house a lovely fresh smell, however you have to make sure you have a really powerful cleaner to to ensure it is all removed, otherwise a build up will start in your carpets. 

We recommend a Dyson vacuum for power, here is our Dyson small ball, it is perfect for the job, smaller and lighter than the other ball Dysons so perfect for stair carpets. We couldn't be without ours.


Next up is a steam mop for the wooden floors downstairs. We find that a regular mop wets the floor far too much, which in the long run would cause a lot of damage, however the steam mop cleans the floor perfectly and all without the use of any chemicals.


For sparkling clean windows we first clean the panes with a spray on glass cleaner, scrub clean with a car washing sponge and for the finishing touch, we dry it all off streak free with the wonderful invention that is the window vacuum!

Liv would be very disappointed if her sticky decorations were placed on dirty windows!


What are your top cleaning tips and tools?