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Chic tips for improving your home’s storage space.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Whilst we can all argue for hours about colour schemes and aesthetic touches, when it comes to storage space, most of us will agree that it needs to be efficient, discreet and tasteful.

Whether you’re into the retro Victoriana stylings, or the most modernist design ideas, issues of storing media, clothing and blankets can often pose a bit of a puzzle.

Thankfully there are some failsafe options from super king size ottoman beds to chic cube stools that can help tackle this issue without ruining the look of your interior space.

Although many homes have moved into the digital era, most of us will still be stuck with the issue of how to store a wide variety of books, DVDS and video games. But rather than relying on the standard pine bookcase, why not check out some of these innovative bookcase ideas that can make such media an essential part of the decor - particularly if you colour-code the spines!

Such an idea can also be applied to storing clothes. For those of us who are still saving up for that coveted walk-in wardrobe, then why not make certain clothes a central part of the bedroom with a sleek metal clothes rack that not only maximises space, but makes getting dressed-up a lot more convenient too!

However, there remain certain items that lack the aesthetic appeal to form a central part of the room decor. All of those surplus winter blankets should definitely be packed away in the summer months, and with so much storage space available in Bedstar’s super king size ottoman beds, it’s a failsafe way to keep everything nice and tidy for the arrival of the colder months - plus they’ll give you a much more luxurious sleeping experience too!

The great thing about beds like this is that they provide an example of the way in which multi-functional furniture can perform a variety of functions whilst saving space. Whether it’s a sofa-bed, or an extendable dining table, there’s been plenty of innovation around to help us all maximise our interior space.

But few space saving solutions are as cute as these multi-purpose footstools that show that it’s not just super king size ottoman beds that can store a wide range of items whilst retaining the design flair of your home!