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Pampers UNICEF 10th anniversary wish - my wish for Liv.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pampers UNICEF campaign in the global fight against Maternal and Newborn Tetanus.

Since the Pampers-UNICEF "1 pack = 1 vaccine" campaign began in 2006, maternal and newborn Tetanus has been eliminated in 17 countries! 

This means that an estimated 500,000 newborn babies have been saved and a vaccine has reached a mother and her baby every second. However, there are still 21 countries where the disease remains a very real threat.

I'm sure all of the Mothers in these poorer areas have wished and prayed for a healthy start to life for their precious little ones and now thanks to Pamers & UNICEF, they are far more likely to have their wish granted.

So when I was asked - If you had one wish for your Child, what would it be?

After thinking long and hard, my wish for Liv is simply to be healthy and happy in whatever she chooses to do as she gets older, when it comes down to it, there really isn't anything that is more important than that.

Emma Bunton has been an ambassador with Pampers & Unicef for 3 years.

Thankfully, this disease is relatively unheard of in the UK and much of the western world, due to immunisations, however it affects tens of thousands of families in the poorest parts of the world.

An incredible achievement I'm sure you will agree, but not satisfied there, both Pampers and UNICEF are using the 10 year anniversary to let us all know that their work is not over yet. With tetanus still claiming the lives of 49,000 newborn babies each year (equivalent to one baby every 11 minutes) they are now asking Bloggers to help increase the number of vaccines that they donate.

How can you help eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus worldwide?

Easy! Watch and share this adorable ‘Wishes’ video because every time the wish film is shared the cost of another vaccination will be donated - 1 share = 1 vaccine.

Not only that, for every view this post receives, the cost of three vaccinations will be donated - 1 post view = 3 vaccines.

So what would your wish be? Please leave a comment below and remember to share!