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Home design that's easy to come home to.

Monday, 7 December 2015

In today's increasingly active times, more and more people are opting for an interior design style that is both affordable and minimalist in terms of the attention it requires to stay looking good. We have already seen a huge expansion on the number of people starting this approach with the outside of their homes – commissioning low-maintenance garden plans involving rockeries and juvenile trees rather than vast expanses of lawns and flowers – and now that trend has started working its way indoors.

With longer working hours and environmental restrictions meaning that many of us can no longer spend hours weeding flower-beds and watering outside spaces, this approach has crept inside. Artificial plants are an obvious starting point for this method, as their consistent appearance means that their owners aren't greeted by a smelly, dead bunch of vegetation floating forlornly in a vase when they get home after a business trip.

Such decorations are only in need of the occasional spot of dusting, and a natural extension of this can be found in many modern communal rooms. Stained concrete flooring offers users a non-porous surface coupled with a contemporary look, and will be easy to clean as the surface is virtually impervious to spillages or accumulated footprints. Carpet tiles can also make life easier than wall-to-wall carpets, as any spills or stains can be isolated to individual sections, which in turn can be removed and washed without the need to spend money and time treating the whole area.
Away from the aesthetic and into the practical, money can be saved on heating whilst also ensuring that you come home to a warm and cosy environment, regardless of how long you've been away. Versismart's range of customised heating appliances are custom-designed to fit the room they are selected for, and by using their smart heating system you will never waste energy on rooms that aren't in use. 

Stylish and practical, they can also save you money – just like your choice of furniture fabric. More and more people, especially those with children, are starting to opt for faux-leather sofas and armchairs as a result of their wipe-clean nature and durability. Avoid colours such as cream, white and ivory, and instead opt for schemes such as charcoal grey, black or chocolate which will hide a wide range of sins. 

Clever lighting, de-cluttered surfaces and matching appliances are all easy ways to finish off your new, low-maintenance home – and provided you clan before you leave (and set the heating to come on just before you come back) you will never be subjected to a list of chores when you walk through the front door again.