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Parents - always the hardest to shop for?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas.

I love making my lists, decorating the house and spend hours and hours getting the tree perfect.

But the thing I love most is that excited feeling of handing over a beautifully wrapped gift you just know that person will love and then watching the excitement on their face as they take in what is inside.

I work really hard to try to find the perfect gift for everyone, and I think I usually succeed.

All except my Parents. They are virtually impossible to buy for and are always the last People to buy for on my list. 

They both only like a couple of perfume/aftershaves (which they have stock piled over the years!) neither wear jewellery and it's safe to say we have well and truly exhausted the sentimental options with key rings, framed photographs, engraved items etc, etc.

So I have been racking my brains what I could get them this year and I have decided to get them both a really good, high quality full outfit each.

While I was crying into my laptop at the prices of all the high quality items I was liking the look of, I came across this gorgeous Fred Perry Crew Neck in Medieval Blue from a website called 
M and M Direct.

Copyright M & M Direct.

What is so remarkable about it is that it is priced at £44.99 whereas I had seen it at RRP £99.99 elsewhere, what a huge saving!! 

Needless to say, a basket was started!

Next up I spotted these rather comfy but stylish looking Ugg Womens Grandle Boots priced at £89.99 with an RRP of £159.99!
Copyright M & M Direct.

They were quickly added to my basket along with some Levi's and a Jacket. Now the ball is well and truly rolling with the Parents, there will soon be a huge "tick" on my forever grwoing To Do list.

Who do you find hardest to buy for?